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Liberal Media Failed to Cover Northam’s Late-Term Abortion Remarks

I guess fourth-trimester abortions are just not very controversial for them.

Of course, the problem for liberals is that what is effectively baby-killing undermines the whole pro-abortion argument, because this is the kind of thing allowing early-term abortions leads to.

2 thoughts on “Liberal Media Failed to Cover Northam’s Late-Term Abortion Remarks”

  1. The issue is killing babies and not the usual “clump of cells” or whatever they claim the unborn child is to them.

    Just guessing here: The Dems have crossed the line is what is acceptable to most everyone, not just conservatives.
    While Dems like to put on a face of caring for those who are vulnerable such as little fish facing extinction, the truth is revealed with this murder of children unwanted by it’s parents. \
    We are all sickened and appalled by the ugly Democrats who are more like the Nazi or brutal dictators who used genocide to control their powers.
    Ugly. That’s what they are, ugly.

  2. Vermont has a pending bill that is even worse than what Virginia tried to pass. It is appalling that they would even try to pass killing an infant. Infanticide is disgusting and wrong. The Democrats are becoming the party of death.

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