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Bring the Kids! Dems Seeks To Revive Obama Family Illegal Immigrant Program

According to the Washington Examiner:

House Democrats are pushing hard to revive an Obama-era program that would keep illegal immigrant families out of detention and instead given them housing, transportation, healthcare, and legal aid to help them claim asylum in the U.S. 

President Trump ended the Family Case Management Program in June 2017, citing excessive costs and the low rate of enrolled families returning to their home countries. 

Specifically, Democrats want $30.5 million added to the family case management budget within the Department of Homeland Security. They also hope family detentions can be phased out this year. 

Democrats are hoping to secure the funding in the ongoing talks between 17 House and Senate lawmakers who are trying to hammer out a broad border security agreement by Feb. 15.

9 thoughts on “Bring the Kids! Dems Seeks To Revive Obama Family Illegal Immigrant Program”

  1. IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN !!! Who doesn’t love the children? Give me a break. Try and help the children that are CITIZENS? Typical liberals, help the ones that don’t belong and the ones that do belong, won’t help themselves.

  2. This will send the wrong message to the Central American migrants who are flooding the US. They see no one is being returned. The US should fly these illegals back to their home and made a big display about it. The US also ought to publish in the local newspapers on how to apply for legal entry.

    A bit of good news from El Salvador. They have elected an outsider for president. He ran on an anti corruption campaign and was elected by 56%. Trump has threaten to cut aid to El Salvador. I hope he can find away to work him. A plane load of MS 13 members back to El Salvador would be a good start.

    1. Yea…but why build a wall and deny the Dem’s all those potential Dem votes.?
      2020 is just around the corner.
      And $30 billion ought to support illegal’s for a month or two.

  3. We’re not uncaring, cold-hearted monsters who don’t give a dang about families in trouble, but we have American citizens to aid, first.
    We have homeless people living on sidewalks, in back alleys, in public buildings who could use some of that “housing, transportation, etc” that the Dems want to grace illegal aliens with in another attempt to bypass our immigration laws.
    Take care of Americans, then let’s see what we can do to keep these people in their homelands.

    1. In San Francisco there are more drug addicts than students. Taking care of that problem is more important than being sugar daddy to the illegals.

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