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Video || “Cory From the ‘hood” is Running for President

UPDATE: Since posting this, I learned that Booker spent many years living in a low-income neighborhood. So I give him credit for that. Maybe I was a little too snarky here. Few politicians do things like that. Booker still strikes me as a poser. But he did apparently walk the walk, risking his life in doing so.



It’s Cory Booker, speaking to some admirers as he walks through a low-income neighborhood in this new campaign video announcing he is running for president.

Wassup with that? His parents were both executives at IBM. Is that how they talk in the IBM corporate suite?

Anyway, why pick on a politician doing politician stuff? Cory, Yale Law School graduate and Rhodes Scholar, is a man of the people. Because that’s who will be voting in 2020.

The video is heavily focused on race. It stars a gender-neutral kid playing drums. And of course, it’s completely vacuous, but quite nicely done.

13 Responses to Video || “Cory From the ‘hood” is Running for President

  1. It’s getting hard to keep track of all the Dems who think they should be flying around on AF1: Shultz, Harris, Warren, Biden, Bernie, Bloomberg, ..there’s more, but who can name them all?

  2. Nicely done Cory. Hat tip on finding a way to show your core value….. sliding in the word ‘Collective’….

    Btw — all those years in Newark — and it is still a mess and now you want to be in charge of all of the nation?

    No thanks dude! ‘Amen’ to that!

  3. Before 2019 is over, there will be enough lefty Democrats running for President to fill 15 school buses. They’ll be traveling together around the country non-stop, doing synchronized flash crowd musical performances at shopping malls, elementary schools, television stations, and maybe on a street near you!

  4. “I moved into an inner city neighborhood and I studied ghetto vocabulary, so I could pretend to fit in. These people give me street cred. I’ll never move away until they no longer serve me.”

    The commercial made me so sick that I had to stop watching it. So many good ideas in it, someone wrote that for a superficial, racial, fool — makes me sick and sad.

  5. Pretty patronizing on your part on how he should talk or behaves. So if you come across a black man, you expect him to speak in a certain way? Now that is biased!