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Trump: “Good Chance” of an Emergency Declaration to Build Wall

President Trump today told reporters that he is pessimistic about negotiations with Democrats over funding for a wall on the southern border and that there is a “good chance” he’ll declare an emergency and get it built that way.

Trump, who spoke to reporters at the White House, suggested he’ll announce his plans during the State of the Union address Tuesday night.

From the White House transcript:

TRUMP: I think there’s a good chance that we’ll have to do that. But we will, at the same time, be building — regardless, we’re building wall and we’re building a lot of wall. But I can do it a lot faster the other way.

QUESTION: Are you saying that you will — that we should be prepared for you to announce at the State of the Union what you are going to do?

TRUMP: Well, I’m saying listen closely to the State of the Union. I think you’ll find it very exciting.

17 Responses to Trump: “Good Chance” of an Emergency Declaration to Build Wall

  1. Good. This is war. The Dems know we need a secure border, but their leadership also knows that if Trump makes the decision, they will have endless material with to cry, ‘dictator,” “racist,” and whatever else they think will make their base go into a Prog frenzy.

    So, the Dems will have their hate-Trump material and the nation will have their border security. It’s a double win for the Dems. This is how the game players win when honest people pursue honest goals.

    Thank God, President Trump will give us border security with a wall and then, I hope, with deportation of illegals and prosecution of those who hire them.

  2. Have y’all noticed the Leftie Trolls will usually comment on a week end and usually off topic.


    The topic is about the Wall. Did you read that a NJ Congresswoman has invited to the SOTU speech an illegal who was fired from a Trump property. The illegal is being deported. She made Trump’s point. Illegals should be deported.

    Also, Rational where have you been? The last time you made a comment was December 24th. Wow, it is already February.

  3. Lost on no one is the screen name ‘Rational’

    Look — Rational may be right about Trump — but whether Trump did/does hire illegals or someone else, the practice should be part of ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ where the cost of hiring illegals is yuuuuuuuge in terms of penalty.

    Of course, no rational person would conclude that because some people hire illegals that get here that we should therefore not make efforts to keep more illegals from arriving.

    Only someone irrational would think that.

  4. How do illegals get jobs? They have SS cards/numbers and photo IDs such as driver’s licenses.
    Where do they get such documents? They buy them from forgers or family members who are legal citizens.

    How do you prove who you are?

    • In the Rio Grande Valley there are guys would make a living providing documents. Also, for years Mexican women would come to Texas and give birth. The anchor baby loop hole should be stopped. Now is a good time to do it.

      PS, Eric Trump said they were going through their employment records and will be firing any illegals they can find.

      • The Chinese have “happy baby flights,” on which a Chinese woman arrives preg, lives in a special house until she drops anchor (baby), and then gets flown. Bingo, a hook sunk in to the flesh of America’s future.

    • Fingerprints? No supporting docs – birth certificate? That’s an interesting question.

      The U.S. needs to start identifying and prosecuting those who employ illegals. If a business needs illegal labor to succeed, the business needs to close.

      There seems to be some feeling that illegals who worked for U.S. businesses “deserve” to get citizenship as a reward and thanks. I don’t think so.

      • Re: Fingerprints. Americans are required to pass a criminal background check to become a resident here. Some of the older one have worn off their prints and have difficulty getting the prints for the FBI.

        There is another option. There is an eye machine that recognizes the individual. Not sure what TSA uses.

        Some businesses here do not have the old fashion time clock. The machine takes a palm print and the employee has to enter a code.

  5. When there is a will, there’ a way. Illegals have plenty of will as do the commiecrats in our midst. How much ‘will’ do Americans possess in contrast with ‘amerikans’?