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Trump Changes Strategy, Starts Emphasizing the Word “Wall”

After spending weeks trying to placate Democrats by suggesting they could call his border wall something else, President Trump is now not only insisting that it will be a “wall,” but he’s referring to existing barriers as walls.

This means at least one of two things. First, he has definitely given up on negotiating a deal with Democrats. Calling what the stuff he wants to build a wall means he can forget about compromising with them, not that they were going to compromise anyway. Second, it could also mean he has decided to declare the situation at the border an emergency and have the military build the wall.

Or maybe not. He’s also calling existing barriers, which continue to be built and repaired, walls. That sounds like he may have given up on building an actual new wall and wants to campaign on things that are already there and on things short of an actual wall that are being built by terming them walls.

My bet is that he will declare an national emergency. But the problem with this is that once a Democrat becomes president, they will declare health care, the climate, or school snack time a national emergency and do whatever they want. They will probably do this anyway, but it’s periloous to set the precedent.

12 Responses to Trump Changes Strategy, Starts Emphasizing the Word “Wall”

  1. The wall, the WALL, the barrier, the steel wall, border security….OK.
    MrTrump has done cartwheels, pleaded, threatened, and looked in every corner for the funds to finish the southern border wall.
    Whatever he does to accomplish his goal for a wall now is OK with us out here in fly-over country. Nat’l emergency? do it.

    Now, where is Justice Ginsburg?

  2. Your last paragraph is my biggest concern. The democrats have gone so, so far to the extreme, it scares me what they might do when one is president.

    • MarjoJumbo, I agree with you. I believe the GOP used the nuclear option because Harry Reid used it first.

      Also, a federal judge will gum up the works and delay, delay and delay.

      I still contend there are “orphan funds” laying around that could be used to build the Wall. These are funds already authorized but are unspent. Ted Cruz’s idea about using cartel drug money is good.

      What gets me is they estimate $6 billion will be spent betting on this week end’s Super Bowl and we can’t find the money to build the Wall..

      • Why don’t we just impose a 10% federal tax on remittances to Mexico and Latin America to pay for it?

        In 2016 there were $28.6 billion to Mexico alone.

        Throw in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia and there’s another $17.9 billion.

        10% * 46.5 billion = $4.65 billion. There’s the funding.

        • I think we should shut down Remittances altogether. Those Remittances are at the heart of the World Bank’s & other globalists’ strategy for full open borders and elimination of national sovereignty.

  3. I respectfully disagree that it sets a precedent. Other Presidents have used the emergency powers before. This wall needs to happen. I have been a resident of Arizona since I was born in 1955 and have seen many changes in the state. We Need the Wall!

    • All ‘boomers’ have seen many changes since post WWII as a result of ‘liberalizing’ immigration criteria, culminating in the ‘Immigration Act of 1965’ which removed most restrictions for anyone, anywhere. Combine that with the onslaught of college ‘minority studies’ from 1965-2019+ & the shift in the ‘national mentality’ from immigrants assimilating to ‘the American Way’ to ‘Amerika’ assimilating to foreign immigrants ‘legal or illegal’ (i.e. ‘bilingualism’, ‘diversity’, ‘multiculturalism’, ad nauseum). The ‘plan’ was heaped upon the ‘last Caucasian generation’ (the boomers) & said generation ran with the ball to what we endure today.

  4. The Democrats won’t declare a national emergency. They’ll declare martial law and rule by fiat.

    And they’ll base it on Section 1, Article 9, Clause 2 of the Constitution:

    “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.”

    They’ll say that any person who disagrees with their political views is “in rebellion” and can be thrown in jail without trial or charges.

  5. Okay, but have you seen who the Democrats are running in 2020? It’s a race to the hammer-and-sickle fringe.

    The absolutists are among them already; if their electoral power base is not radically redefined, and soon, then I fear our country will be.

    And the best way to make sure the Marxists don’t conquer America? Well, stopping the importation of an un-American electorate, is probably Step #1.

    Cut off their supply of easy foreign votes, and the Democrats might even have to start appealing to, surprise surprise, actual Americans.

    • I am upset that a judge has struck down the question on the census asking if the person is a citizen. Hope this goes on to the Supreme Court. The purpose of the census to determine how many congressmen a state can send to Washington. Congressmen represent citizens.