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Video || Trump Vows Emergency Declaration if He Doesn’t Get Wall Money

I think he came back out and decided to emphasize an emergency declaration after he got grief, correctly, from conservatives for caving in the shutdown fight.

Fact is, he said he wouldn’t reopen the government until he got money for a wall. And he didn’t get anything but a panel to study the issue.

Now, he’ll have to hold to this promise or lose support from the base. He needs to build at least some amount of wall.

21 Responses to Video || Trump Vows Emergency Declaration if He Doesn’t Get Wall Money

  1. We can argue all we want about the actions today and whether he should held strong, but it was evident nothing was going to change. It’s reality. These are the consequences of an election or a body in your party that didn’t act when they could. Not unlike the dems not dealing with DACA when they were in power. It’s all about re-election. Nothing more. They don’t care about DACA period. I do hope that he declares a national emergency even if law suits are filed. The rationale of the dems about a wall is irrational. They care more about the potential voters than they do about legal residents. He has done everything to try and move the needle and it wasn’t happening. You simply can’t hold hundreds of thousands of people hostage for an indefinite period of time because the supposed adults in the room won’t negotiate. We knew this would be pelosi’s mantra. Additionally she gets the better press and most people aren’t very informed so they just hear the sound bites and that has huge implications.

    • Yes. The distortions of the press are all most people know. They have a moment, catch an MSM soundbite or two, hear their friends repeat the propaganda, and then feel themselves to be well informed.

      Why Trump didn’t get the wall during the first two years of his term will always mystify me.

  2. It’s one loss, in a long war against the Progressives.


    The “Base” will desert him if this wall isn’t built by 2020?

    -Two Conservative Justices on the SC mean nothing?
    -A rebuilt military from the disaster of Obama’s sequester?
    -Getting us out of the ludicrous Climate agreement B.S.?
    -A soaring economy, while crushing the Chicoms on trade?
    -The Bad Korean Haircut hasn’t done crap in months.
    -Busted the traitorous Iran Deal.

    Please, geniuses everywhere, inform me of which other Republican politician would have dared accomplish this in two years, against the surging Alinskyites in our government?

    Rubio/Kasich/Jeb!/Mitt/Lindsey/ Whom ever?

    I’ll wait.

    In the meantime, If this ain’t enough for the dedicated “Base” then go ahead. Set it up.


    You ‘effing deserve them.

  3. Pelosi won. Let’s not kid ourselves. It will be much, much harder for Trump to shut the government down again in three weeks. I hope he does it AND declares an emergency at the same time. I hope he’ll hang tough but I’m beginning to wonder if he doesn’t have some cracks.

    One thing that might help is emergency legislation to pay the back pay to federal employees. If they can get them the pay before Feb. 15 Trump can say they got a 3 week paid vacation which will take some political heat off if he shuts down the gov’t again.

    I think there is some method to Trump’s madness. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a bunch of retirements by federal employees. Then Trump can say he “drained the swamp.”

    I really hope he holds tough on this. Five billion out of a four trillion budget is like 5 cents out of 4,000 total pennies. (If you let each penny represent a billion dollars).

    He has to get SOMETHING. His re-election in 2020 depends on how successful he is on this issue

    • I do not believe for one second he is going to go the govt shutdown route again. If he doesn’t get what he wants, I believe he will declare the state of emergency like he has been talking about. Remember, when he first mentioned that, he also said that was not the way he wanted to do it.
      I think he wants his SOTU and then when the Dem Weasels shaft him he is going to go DefCon II on them. This is not a man who tucks his tail between his legs and runs away.
      Nancy Pants and Schmuckie can stand up there and smugly gloat over winning, but I believe, in the end, they are going to get the $hit end of the stick.

      • The thing is, he doesn’t have to give the SOTU in the House. He could give it to the Senate. Or just send a written message which is what President’s did until Woodrow Wilson’s SOTU. He has a lot of options under Article 2, Section 3:

        “He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper; he shall receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers; he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States.”

        I say to hell w/ Pelosi. Hold the SOTU in the Senate and invite the Dhimmicraps. When they don’t show have the TV camera show the empty seats.

        He can’t afford to lose on this. Immigration is what got him elected.

  4. I have no problem letting President Trump give the Dems 3 weeks to show they are all a55holes hell bent on not negotiating in good faith with him one bit. And on day 22 the US Army corps of Engineers builds the entire 25B thing and the Democrats get nothing in return.

    • That’s what I’m thinking.

      Rather than drag this out, and have CNN et al doing all kinds of sob stories about out-of-“work” (snicker) bureaucrats from now until who knows when, he’s calling the clock.

      One way or another, this is over in three weeks. That’s short enough to discourage grand mischief, but long enough that they can’t say they had no time.

      Though I can’t help but wish these three weeks were the equivalent of the six minutes in “Goldeneye.”

  5. I am still sticking with him. He had to do this comprise to show he had tried to deal in good faith. The Dems will say no to funding the wall. When he declares a national emergency he can claim he has dealt in good faith. I read Schumer was giddy. The employees have shown us that they live paycheck to paycheck. Why don’t they have some emergency funds saved?

    Of course a federal judge will step in and make another delay.

    I am renaming the Democratic Party to be the ACS Party….Anti Common Sense Party.

    • Me, too. This idea of a massive loss of support if he doesn’t get his way with the Wall is just MSM wishful thinking.
      We know why he didn’t get the funding and he’s not to blame.
      Let the Dems strut and crow about ‘winning’ even though they ‘won’ nothing.

    • I don’t know who he is showing this to. The Dems are blinded and the person on the street only gets snatches of Dem-filtered propaganda. Is it history that he’s educating?

      I just trust that a businessman like Trump knows how to play the long game and win in the end.

    • Yes, I still trust his wisdow. He has showed plenty of it — and heart. Heart may be his weakness — look at hiring Omarosa to work in the White House — that was a LOL.

      But he’s a wise man and I trust his judgement.

  6. I believe President Trump has spent many hours, days, and weeks making this decision. I don’t for one minute believe it was a cave.People tend to overlook the fact that the Coast Guard and Secret Service were going unpaid. President Trump has spoken often of his high regard for the military and law enforcement.This country is overladen with federal employees. Many, I suspect are redundant. Has everyone forgotten how badly TSA has treated people?
    If he had not opened the government, those military and law enforcement would have suffered and his regard would have been empty air.
    I am also fed up with those who say he did not keep his word and build the wall. He is ONE man in an ocean of prima donnas.
    The Congress and Senate sent 5 million to Mexico and South America after declaring not one cent for American citizens. They sent Jordan over half a billion dollars to build a wall. There are other countries those two chambers have provided funds.
    Mr President, declare your emergency, Article 11, Section 3 gives you the authority. Also 284 does the same.
    Thank you, Mr President for being the bigger person.

  7. We need to secure our southern border. I don’t know if a wall is or is not the best way to do this. Trump may be insisting on that solution because of campaign implications. The dems are almost certainly resisting because of campaign implications. Notice how they have no “better ideas”?

    Please, secure our borders somehow!

  8. So I heard a stat… back a few years ago – about $1.6B was set for funding of about 65 miles of wall…. long story- short — that is around $25M/Mile — so 30Billion could do the whole southern boarder (and at $4-5000/foot that seems about right for government spending)…

    So we spend $700B ANNUALLY on defense and we can’t squeeze out $30B over – what – say 4 years… about 1% of defense budget over 4 years.

    This is why government officials are worthless turds… you and I could solve this in 45 minutes….with a 30 minute lunch break built in….but solving problems is not what govt does well… these lifers make problems, etc.

    We must demand a defense of our borders.. Look — it’s even in the name.. Department of De Fense…. they can build it.