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Roger Stone Says He Won’t Testify Against Trump

Roger Stone, arrested today on charges filed by special prosecutor Robert Muller, told reporters after his arraignment that he will not testify against President Trump.

And that, of course, is what all of this is about. Mueller doesn’t give a damn about Stone. What he wants is to flip him and get him to expose whatever crimes Mueller thinks Trump has committed.

That’s why Mueller sent half the FBI to arrest him at his home in Fort Lauderdale. Because he want to intimidate him.

Mueller said he won’t testify against Trump because that would be bearing false witness. That is, in his opinion, Trump has done nothing wrong. And I believe, unlike others Mueller has indicted, Stone will not be turned against his longtime friend.

One thing Mueller is looking for is for Stone to say that he and President Trump knew that talking to Wikileaks to get dirt on Hillary — which is not itself a crime, let emphasize — is evidence of collusion because Trump and the campaign knew Wikileaks was in contact with Russia.

As far as I know, there is no evidence they knew. Nor is there even evidence Stone knew. But that’s what Mueller is hoping.

15 Responses to Roger Stone Says He Won’t Testify Against Trump

    • Agree. I’ve watched real raids on people accused of murder, massive drug dealing, human trafficking and this raid was on that scale. Shame on them, ridiculous.

      They must have thought Stone would come out blazing his ‘tommy-gun’ like an old Jimmy Cagney movie.

        • Theatrics, pure and simple.
          Plus to instill fear in anyone that has worked for President Trump, those in his administration and anyone considering to work with him.
          “This could happen to you, beware”

  1. Yet those pos Hillary, Huma, Mills, Brennan, etc can get away with lying to Congress, FBI, or whomever they damn well feel like and there are no consequences. It makes my blood boil.

  2. At some point – except for the most hardened, partisan leftists – you’d think people would come to realize just what a farce this whole thing is.

  3. Mueller is obviously a fan of Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria, head of Stalin’s secret police. He told Stalin, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

  4. If Hillary’s campaign IT director hadn’t been so damn dumb WikiLeaks would never have gotten their emails:

    Also – isn’t it interesting that the media have their panties in a twist over WikiLeaks dumping stuff from Hitlery? When WikiLeaks revelations hurt Bush they were heroes according to the press. Never mind the fact that people DIED because of the leaks when W was President.

  5. Stone was released on $250,000 bond, which, for seven federal charges, is right next door to being released on his own recognizance.

    Really, they needed a predawn SWAT raid for that? If I were Stone’s attorney, I’d move to have all the charges dismissed outright, strictly on Eighth Amendment grounds.

    Local news outlets, meanwhile, had no idea this was going down. Yet somehow, we’re supposed to believe that CNN, whose nearest bureau is 25 miles down the pike in Miami by the way, knew exactly where to have their crew, with lights rigged and cameras rolling, at oh-dark-thirty. And purely on journalistic instinct, mind you.

    Bullshit. They were tipped off. So, who’s the leaker?

  6. 29 agents 19 SUVs for a process “crime”. With long guns to boot..was this Zero dark thirty? Roger Stone is not Bin Laden. Be afraid conservatives supporting our very afraid..CNN could be camping outside your door…in the dark. Big Foot is the least of my concerns!