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CNN Commentator Compares MAGA Hat to KKK Hood

It’s “that triggering,” said activist, attorney, and CNN commentator Angela Rye.

I assume CNN will continue to invite her back on, given that host Andrew Cuomo raised no objection. Because you’re allowed to say anything with respect to conservatives, who are assumed to be basically evil.

7 thoughts on “CNN Commentator Compares MAGA Hat to KKK Hood”

  1. Damn. She’s right!

    When I see that MAGA hat, it’s the same as when I saw photos of Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, W.Virginia, in his KKK robes as Grand Wizard.

    Oh, that’s right. My bad. He later “evolved”.

  2. Bluntly…

    “I was triggered….I mean it was a really short skirt”


    “He was wearing a hat
    That said ‘ Make America Great Again’… I was triggered…

    This ties to an economic theory I have…dumb and dumber stuff hits the news as the economy gets better and better. People- some people- have to bitch about

  3. How original.
    Donald Trump is a racist and everyone who supports him is a racist so all people of color should be wary and afraid.
    What is going on – the Dems are losing the battle with people of color who finally see what has happened and how they can be better than the Dems allow them to be.

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  5. Video removed by the user, typical. I wish when Twitter destows the blue check mark, they would disable the the ability to remove tweets.

    What a clown circus the “news” has become. But, I see a new day coming where conservatives back down from every stance and position are ending.

  6. But CNN commentator Angela Rye apparently does not see the antics of the Hebrew Israelites demonstrating in Washington as even slightly provocative:

    “Hebrew Israelites practice a theology that says God’s chosen ones — black, Hispanic and Native American people — have strayed and need to be led back to righteousness.

    “So they post up on street corners in big cities, usually in predominantly black communities, wearing flashy garb — purple shirts or black robes, for instance. They shout, use blunt and sometimes offensive language, and gamely engage in arguments aimed at drawing listeners near.”

    OK. Now we understand.

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