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Video || Trump and Pence Visit MLK Memorial

Notice how CBS can’t even cover the damn event without mentioning the government shutdown.

And the reporter notes how the Smithsonian is closed because of the shutdown. Aww. Now what does that have to do with the MLK Memorial? Nothing! It’s OUTSIDE. Open to all.

Maybe the bathrooms are shuttered and you have to pee in the Potomac. I dunno. Worse things have happened.

One Response to Video || Trump and Pence Visit MLK Memorial

  1. About that shutdown: We’re not feeling any pain or worried that things are not being handled correctly, so keep it up, MrTrump.

    If he didn’t attend the memorial, ______!!
    If he stayed too long, _____!
    If he wore the wrong color tie, ___!!
    Anything he does, anything he doesn’t do will be fodder for the haters who can’t find a single thing to approve. Thinkin’…
    Forget the “approval”, they can find some defect, some wrong in the most innocent of actions.