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Kamala Harris Announces She’s Running with Video Saying Absolutely Nothing

Sounds to me like the harbinger of an empty campaign. That’s not what the Democrat base is looking for.

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., announced Monday that she is running for president with a video talking about how she wants to fight for democracy, liberty, etc., etc., and to “bring our voices together,” which is also what the teacher who runs the glee club does.

The video includes people of every imaginable race – even including a family that looks like it’s of Indian or Pakistani heritage – as well as a mixed-race lesbian couple, which kills a couple of birds with one stone.

There’s nothing in the video about what Harris actually stands for. But for the first time, I know for sure how her name is pronounced since she says it herself in the video. Its KAHmala Harris.

15 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Announces She’s Running with Video Saying Absolutely Nothing”

  1. The woman has just completed ONE THIRD of her Senate term. And this qualifies her to be President? Of course! Barry Hussein wasn’t half way through his term when he ran and the media made him President.

    If a white politician with as flimsy a resume as Kamala Harris ran for President he’d be laughed off the stage by the press. Which shows once again the bias of the liberal media.

  2. And, in her announcement, Kamala Harris took the time to tell us deplorables that she is “very excited” about wanting to be President. In this day and age being excited about running for President goes right up there at the top of your resume, especially when your total resume takes up only about half a page, including the padding.

  3. Oh, that’s just what we need to run the country…yet another stealth radical who’s never run anything bigger than their mouth.

  4. Good for her. We encourage any and all Dems of any color or background to announce their quest to become POTUS. A slate of 30-40 Dem candidates will make the 2020 race interesting.
    And all of them losers.

  5. MLKjr….

    “…..I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character….”

      1. To me.. without the eloquence…

        It is that when I hear something from someone…

        I do not hear woman or man, gay or straight…I do not hear Southerner, or NewYorker.. I do not see black or white or brown or yellow.. I do not see young or old…

        I see what is inside… I hear the argument or point.. and care not if the person is whatever..

        I do not give a break to one group or hold a grudge on another.

        Kamala Harris’ ideas should get no more or no less weight because of her skin pigment or her mixture of sex/gender or state of residence or current position or school of attendance….

        Some voted for Obama based on outer things… and some too voted for Trump only because of outer things… all wrong…

        Policy not person
        Idea not identity
        Inside not outside

        Content of character….

        1. “Some” voted for Obama “based on other things?” Try 97% of black voters and enough guilty liberal whites who voted solely on his race.

  6. Harris scored two public sector jobs, sleeping her way to the middle of California politics, after her affair with then Assembly Speaker, soon to be Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown.

    He was 60, she was 29, when he took her to his 60th B’day party.

    Oh, and his wife of 35 years was at the party.

    Can’t make this crap up.

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