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Trump’s Cancellation of Pelosi’s Trip Was Not Uniquely “Petty”

A friend of mine made this point, so I can’t claim it for my own. But it’s a great one.

Sure, Trump canceled Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Europe and the Middle East in retaliation for her suggestion he not give the State of the Union address. The press, of course, is characterizing all this as petty and childish. They didn’t so much when Pelosi made her move, but now that Trump has responded, that’s the theme.

But actually, this is why Trump was elected. Washington politicians are petty and demeaning to each other all the time. It’s just, they couch it in nice words and try to pretend they are helping the country instead of themselves.

Trump, despite all the lies he tells, is in a sense much more honest. He doesn’t try to hide what he thinks or what he is doing. He was elected to plow through all the Washington BS and represent regular guys and gals because he is, despite his wealth and other attributes, a regular guy.

Politicians stab each other in the back. Trump stabs you in the front and talks to you about it while your bleeding. Which brings me to another point.

Trump’s rule of thumb is that if someone hits you, you hit them back three times as hard. By publicly humilating Pelosi in this way, not to mention screwing up all her plans, he lets her and others know taht he is not to be messed with.

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  1. Yes Keith — Trump fights back — always.

    This is why he hits back for petty Twitter hits, etc. He fights every battle cuz if he gives the other folks an inch of ground ….it is lost… so he hits back and takes 3 inches of ground.. so that among other things .. they are less and less likely to continue.. if these folks were knicking Trump the blood would attract more sharks.

    Wealth affords him bravery or his bravery got him wealth… either way.. he is fearless.

  2. Having read and watched multiple biographies of General George Patton I’m almost ready to say that DJT is our present day iteration of the General.

  3. The focus seems to be on Trump cancelling the trip. The real story is why is a Congressional delegation going on an all-expense paid trip in the middle of the crisis about the Federal budget.

    Pelosi apparently refused to discuss the issue of the budget crisis in that meeting with Trump.

    Politicians — Bah!!

  4. What Pelosi is learning, if the old bat is capable of learning anything, is this: as long as she insists on acting like a narcissistic fool, or an arrogant, spoiled brat who spends taxpayers’ money on idiotic pleasure trips disguised as official Congressional visits in the middle of a crisis, or who continues to taunt Trump and the American people with her juvenile, dizzy-headed comments, then the day will come when Trump will give her a public and humiliating kick in the azz she won’t soon forget. That day was yesterday. Thank you, Mr. President. She’s had it coming for a very long time. Pelosi is far beyond any hope of redemption, or any sense of being an honest, responsible adult, but the spectacle of her being publicly humiliated for the bonehead she is, is a genuine pleasure.

  5. Fact: Until the President sent the letter informing Pelosi and the other Dems that the military plane they were planning on using for their trip, there was no information about this trip even being planned or who was going.
    Once the letter was sent, the MSM dutifully pronounced MrTrump as petty/immature.
    Of course, by making this a big news item, we learned about a foolish and wasteful mini-vacation planned by the Dems.
    MrTrump made the news/MSM do what he wanted. Again.
    I’m sorry to say (well, maybe not) that I find this whole affair funny and take delight in the Dem’s chagrin at being found out.

  6. The Dems would have had five days’ excuse for the shutdown – “important already scheduled international trip” took them out of the country. Now, they sit in town refusing to negotiate. Their smokescreen has been taken away.

  7. “despite all the lies he tells”. When did it become conditionally acceptable to lie? Yeah, I know, everyone else lied and I’m sure there are many who are dying to give me a long laundry list of what those lies were.

    Still doesn’t make it ok. The primary reason I did not vote for HRC because of her lies.

    Our elected leaders should never lie* to us.

    Maybe raise your standards?

    *Please do not confuse “lie”: telling something untrue with intent with “wrong”: telling something untrue without intent (a far lesser offense).

    • If a woman friend of mine is wearing an unbecoming dress and she ask me what I thought about it I am not about to tell her the unvarnished truth. I might tell her another dress of hers is more becoming and find some way to get rid of the dress.

    • First—-

      I wish the lies were detailed out — as some things called lies are not….

      Second — I call them elected officials or similar. They are not my “elected leaders”. I don’t like giving them some honor not earned and our lives — through our constitution — is such that we are our own life leaders…

      Third — btw — Trump is a leader to me

  8. To invert one of the more memorable mal mots of King Barry the Wicked: So, if they bring a knife to the fight, we’re supposed to bring…what, the Marquess of Queensberry rules?

    It’s all about power and control with the coastal nomenklatura. Nothing is sacred to them, least of all, the truth.

    I understand the idealism; really, I do. But for truth to prevail, the liars must be destroyed. Not defeated; destroyed. They need to be so sternly and utterly rebuked by history, that posterity shall never attempt to emulate their wickedness.

    But is that even possible? If there is but one defined set of rules for the virtuous, while the wicked play by whatever rules suit their ends, then how will, nay, how can, virtue prevail?

    Should virtue stand idly by, hoping and praying that the wicked self-defeat? Or should wickedness be confronted head-on, in order to assure its defeat?

    I am reminded of a scene from the movie “Miracle,” in which Coach Herb Brooks is going over film of the Soviet team’s style of play with his players. He ultimately turns off the projector, and gives the following stemwinder.

    (NB: Punctuation and spacing are meant to give some idea of Kurt Russell’s pacing.)

    Look, I can give you all a load of crap about how how you’re a better team than they are, but that’s exactly what it would be. And everyone in this room knows what people are saying about our chances. I know it. You know it.

    But, I also know, there is a way to stay with this team.

    You don’t defend them: you attack them. You take their game, and you shove it right back in their face. The team, that is finally willing to do this, is the team, that has a chance, to put them down.

    NHL won’t change their game. We will.

    Rest of the world is afraid of them. Boys, we won’t be.

    No one, has ever worked hard enough, to skate with the Soviet team for an entire game. Gentlemen, we are gonna work hard enough.

    (Great movie, by the way: even if you aren’t a hockey fan, see it.)

    Trump is trying to do to the American Left, what Herb Brooks did to their corelligionists’ hockey team in Lake Placid nearly four decades ago: beat the Evil Empire at its own game.

    If lies are seen as “what wins,” then truth cannot prevail.

    Beat the liars at their own game, and you will eventually destroy them; do that, and then perhaps Truth will have a chance to ultimately prevail.

    • Maybe at some point, if the earth is still around 100+ years from now, the lib hysteria will be scorned as it should be. The reaction always takes a while, though. Doubt we’ll live to see it, but of course, I could be wrong!
      Every generation has less shame; it has to stop somewhere.

    • It was a great movie and Herb Brooks was a hell of a coach. My favorite quote from Herb Brooks, “Legs feed the wolf”. Something I always told my boys and me when we played. Great analogy Darkangel!

  9. Let’s not forget that Obama, using very subtle and innocuous ways, changed the culture of a whole generation in a short 8 yr period. He appealed to the youngsters. He was (and still is) a rock star.
    I’m afraid Trump is not anywhere close to being as effective as Obama was in changing current, or future generations. Trump only appeals to older generations and not making any progress to get the Gen Z. It’s unfortunate

    • Data?

      Trump is teaching people — young people — in 4 or 8 years of service — his style — the we as a country take no crap from others… let’s see how the next generation applied it… weather they know it or not.

      PS — undergrad/grad school 1982-1987… two schools two states… there was no Reagan cult..

      • Yup, I was an undergrad 1983-87 at UCLA…I certainly don’t recall great support for Reagan among my peers (let alone a cult) – even though we were in his adopted hometown at the time.

      • Opinions don’t require data. By definition they are personal assessments. During the Reagan years (35 yrs ago), we did not have social media and were not exposed to so much false media reporting (aka-“fake news”). Tactics used by both political parties were a lot more civilized and conciliatory. Reagan and Tip O’Neill…vs Trump and Pelosi.

    • Maybe that’s a good thing? My Gen Z family is only concerned about their next payment from us sugar supporters, no worries if we have our own bills to pay.

    • When the stupid boomer generation (those members whose minds were elasticized through dope, LSD, free copulation, ‘rocknroll’, tv, & protests against God-Country-Family from 1965-75AD, oozing their madness into academedia/pop culture & into the condemned edifices of American institutions) finally die off, the grip of commercial techtronic disreality will have less concentrated attention to choke into antiChrist thinking.

  10. ‘”Stupid boomer generation”;) wow!! I’m watching genX and we are taking clueless….even my doctor mentioned the group of twenty plus that is messed up… (see Mark Dice, man on the beach series, YouTube;)

    • From what generation were ‘gen x’s’ parents/teachers/coaches/daycare providers /pastors/scout leaders/doctors/etc to those born between 1970-2000AD? Boomers- who are now the grandparents of innocents who are at the mercy of ‘cluelessness’.

  11. I always use “You can keep your dr.,you can keep your policy and you will save $2000.” As my standard for presidential (and Democrat) lying. He KNEW he was lying–all of them did. But the media never calls him or them on it.
    Trumps words sound never sound like these boldface lies.