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Trump Cancels Pelosi’s Junket To Europe and the Middle East

President Trump Thursday abruptly canceled a trip by Nancy Pelosi and other lawmakers to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan.

According to reports, the delegation was to leave at 3:00 pm Thursday. The cancellation letter was released by the White House just after 2:00 pm. The White House says Pelosi & Co. are free to travel commercial, but will not have access to military jets the would take on the trip.

28 Responses to Trump Cancels Pelosi’s Junket To Europe and the Middle East

  1. Haha……Mess with the best and die like the rest!
    LOL pay back is a bitch!

    Wall fight and they want a free world tour??
    Democrats are insane!!

  2. Nancy Pelosi is a spoiled brat who always wants to get her way, no matter who it inconveniences. She must be stomping her feet all over the airport tarmac on this one. ;+} Life is good.

  3. I do believe that as CIC Presidet Trump has finial say as how military resources will be used.
    So the Dem’s thought they’d take another vacation on the taxpayers dime, like the one in PR and let the media continue its beat down on Trump.

  4. Yes, finally some sanity in DC. I hate the elite attitude that permeates that swamp. Hand-to-mouth government employees are not getting paid but the elites go on a 5 country tour? I don’t think so.

    • I’m not even convinced these gov’t employees are so hand to mouth. They get paid well, have plenty bennies, job security — if they can’t save some money for a rainy day, it’s through their own bad management.

      Maybe some of these swamp creatures will get new jobs — another way to drain the swamp.

  5. I haven’t laughed this hard since boot camp, when our cadence caller surprised us with a parody version of “I’ll Buy Her Anything To Keep Her In Style.”

    “She’s got her own two legs/They’re made of sticks and pegs…” You get the idea.

    For discipline in ranks–most of us were suppressing laughs–I think we all got dropped for pushups: 31 of them, if memory serves. But it was one of the highlights of my time there.

    But yeah, this is shades of the Gipper firing eleven thousand air traffic controllers to break up the PATCO strike.

    Speaker of the House does not mean “queen.”

    He’s busting her chops hard with this, to let her know she won’t get away with these shenanigans. Is it too soon to start using the OTHER I-word (that is, irrelevant) about Nasty Nancy?

  6. Revenge is a dish best served cold….

    And I don’t think of it as revenge in the sense of Trump’s ego… but really he is owning them and pounding them so they agree to a deal… and Trump will also be gracious in winning … watch…

  7. For two years, Nancy Pelosi has publicly insulted, mocked and derided, on a daily basis, the President of the United States. She has refused to work with him, to seriously discuss important issues with him. She has vigorously fought against everything he promised the American people he would do when elected. She has undermined him at every turn. She is a disgrace.

    And today was payback for her stupid behavior and, boy, was it delicious. I hope it’s just the beginning of the end for her influence and toxic attitude.

  8. Adam Scriff was supposed to go to as well. Supposed purpose of trip: “to reassure our NATO allies.”
    Real reason for trip: To badmouth Trump to NATO. Well played, President Trump. Well played.

    • Trump.
      If I saw the flight manifest with Schiffs name on it, that’s all I would have needed to ground everything .
      No doubt in my mind this was a junket of saboteurs.

  9. N.P. has set herself up to be a despised female public figure through her chronic psychosis of hypocrisy which has disfigured her face & image. Ms. ‘All Powerful’ was rightly & entertainingly gonged off the Gong Show & any ensuing humiliation on her part is gratifying.

  10. I have laughed all evening. Didn’t the OMB also issue a memo saying no use of military aircraft without permission of the Chief of Staff till shutdown ends?

  11. Rumor has it there were 90 plus family members on the manifest.

    So jet off to egypt first. Drop off all the family members, then nancy and a few others make a quick trip into iraq and Afghanistan. A couple hours later back on plane to egypt. Then meet up with families and have a free vacation at taxpayers expense.

    But she is busted so lies to media claiming she booked commercial flight but then had to cancel because the president leaked her travel schedule.

    She has a long history of abusing her privileges concerning military air.