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William Barr Teaches Kamala Harris About the Justice Department

Okay. Sen. Kamala Harris, R-Calif., doesn’t seem to understand that the attorney general runs the Justice Department.

Watch his simple answer to her final question after she tries several ways to ask the same thing — why he would overrule “career officials” at DOJ. She seems to thing bureaucrats should be in charge of the country, not elected officials and their appointees.

Because, of course, bureaucrats are generally Democrats.

17 thoughts on “William Barr Teaches Kamala Harris About the Justice Department”

  1. Ms. Harris’s tweet this evening:

    I questioned Barr if it would be appropriate to go against the advice of DOJ ethics officials if they recommended he recuse himself from the Mueller probe. Barr said he would if he disagreed with them. Unacceptable.

    1. She’s not just a b#tch. She’s a slut. Quote from wikipedia:

      “In 1993, she started dating California Speaker of the Assembly Willie Brown, who introduced her to many powerful individuals in the California and Sacramento political and campaign management establishment.”

      She slept her way to power by scre@ing a married man who was 30+ years her senior.

      I can see the media hyping a Harris-AOC ticket for 2024 (AOC won’t be old enough to run until 2024). And don’t forget Heep Old Squaw Warren and Tulsi Gabbard have thrown their hats into the ring too.

          1. A slut is a woman who uses her body to get what she wants. Which is exactly what Harris did. With a married man. Isn’t that the opposite of feminism? A woman using her body instead of her brains to get ahead?
            As far as being “incel” I guess you’re a Tindr user. Make sure your hookups aren’t carrying any friends (like herpes) with them.

  2. I suspect this Kamala Harris character couldn’t pass a high school civics test on how our government is organized and who does what in the government. On the other hand, no doubt she can perfectly recite from memory the entire Socialist Democrat platform.

  3. What an odious individual KKKamala is. She wanted Barr to make up a “scenario” by which he would recuse himself, then in the Democrat way, they find the “crime,” then say “gotcha, recuse yourself.”

  4. She put out a video which showed her singing. AOC dances. Warren drinks beer. The new requirement for political leaders is they also have to entertain us.

  5. The Dems always say “career” and I suppose they are trying to sidestep the “political” charge against their goals.

    If CAREER people told you to do something (instead of us politicians) ….

    However, wasn’t Comey a career man? Isn’t the swamp made up largely of anti-Trump career people? Just because a person plans to be in the gov’t for life doesn’t mean they don’t have bias that they act on.

    I was what is now called a Second-wave Feminist. It shames to me to see how women such as Kamala Harris misuse the freedom that we worked to get them

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