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Trump Appears Headed Toward “Emergency” Declaration

President Trump today heads to the Rio Grande, where he will receive briefings on border security and on the effort to combat illegal immigration.

I think he’s putting his ducks in a row.

The president is probably going to soon declare an “emergency” exists and the border and start moving money so he can build the wall. It’s an existential issue for him. He cannot go back on the campaign trail if his signature promise is not at least partially being realized.

Trump right now is trying to show that he has done everything he can before resorting to an emergency declaration. He has met three times this week with Democrats, trying to strike a deal. They refuse to budge one inch, knowing that they’ll get slammed by their own base if they do.

I suspect both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi actually want a deal, because the money we’re talking about, in terms of government spending, is so small. And the wall would only be partially built. But then they’d have to deal with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, etc.

After having done all he can with Democrats, gone to see the border for himself, and delivered a national address on the issue, Trump will be in a position to say, I tried, and I’ve seen the problem, I’ve explained it to the American people, and now we’ve got to do something.

Democrats will argue, and the press will trumpet, that there is no emergency because things haven’t gotten worse recently. But that’s a red herring. Because what hasn’t been recognized is that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants attempting to cross each year, and 11 million residing in the United States, is an emergency, and has been for a long time.

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  1. I totally agree. Had he declared it before he did the national address, met with opposing party, etc. he would have been fodder for the left and the media. He will still be fodder, but most people, including those working for the portion of the government shut down, will (if not publicly), quietly acknowledge that he is doing what needs to be done. If the matter is not addressed now, the caravans will increase and the humanitarian crisis will escalate. At this point, although I agree there is criminal element, drugs, etc., the human cost has got to be dealt with. Most importantly, countries have laws and borders that should be honored. When your home country starts giving higher priority to those here or coming here illegally, something is terribly wrong. Many say our economy can absorb all these refugees – how can that be true. Our schools have to educate every kid and most are not doing it well, our medical services are already stretched and will only get worse. It is an endless problem that should have been dealt with years ago. There simply was not the will. Unfortunately it has taken an unorthodox, very candid and sometimes very obnoxious person to step up to the plate. I don’t mean that to be a slam to President Trump – I have supported his policies but reasonable people can and should agree we cringe sometimes when he tweets! It’s called tough love. How many parents have had to resort to tough love dealing with an out of control child. This is no different.

      • Wendy, I would love permission to send this, verbatim, to my local newspaper, The Santa Fe New Mexican. I am so tired of going into the local WalMart, Sam’s Club, etc. and hearing no effort to learn our language or to any way assimilate into American culture.
        New Mexico, as a result of this migration, is near the bottom of all important polls. If it weren’t for Mississippi, we would be dead last!

    • If anyone takes this analogy and makes it racist…..

      So imagine the USA — its people — as a mixture of people — not in color but in purity of economic success – greatness — whatever…

      Say it is 325 Milliliters in a container…. white paint… Now start adding another color… green, black, brown, purple — to represent something else — say like the 12 million illegals… and the next generation spawn thereof… 30-40 million.. and add millions more… but do it in millimeters to the container.. add that to the container..

      Sure — the first drops disappear… but over time… the paint color changes… And the USA is then not the same…

      Dems see no changes in the color but others know that the change is there… and if you have ever mixed paint at Lowes or HomeDepot or elsewhere you see that it takes very little coloring to the paint to change its color…. again metaphorically or whatever… not racially…

      Or immigration policy in the last 60 years has made life difficult for US citizens when there was no need to do that. Sad and shameful and really lazy of the elected officials. Someone is trying to change that. A chance to stem the tide.

      Imagine for a moment what the issue is…. we are a country and we want to make sure our country is not the average of every neighboring country…. It is laughable to think that this was not solved in 1853 or 1898 or 1912 or 1933 or 1942 or 1952 or 1975 or 1980 or 1997 or 2005 or 2013…..

      • Doesn’t necessarily need to be paint. Could be beverages as well.

        You don’t need to mix a lot of lemon into plain iced tea, or cream into black coffee, before you notice the difference.

        And there are a lot of varieties among the various teas and coffees. I’ve known some connoisseurs of both, who can be incredibly informative (or intimidating) on the subject.

        It doesn’t take a lot of lemon to upset the character of a proper cup of oolong. And it doesn’t take much cream to utterly wreck a neat cup of Ethiopian Harar.

        And so on. Dangit, I’m thirsty now.

      • I’ll challenge the suggested “or else”.

        My favorite part of this “non-racist” post was when you referred to their US Citizen descendants as “spawn”. My 2nd favorite part was the disclaimer of mixing paint colors as “metaphorical”.

        • You don’t think paint can be a metaphor? You don’t know the meaning of spawn? Or you can’t argue the point, so you pick at the words. How very Prog sjw of you.

          • If you went into a hospital and ask where the Spawning Ward can be found, they would send you to the aquarium. Did you spawn on your wedding night? I also am no fan of illegal immigration (and not at all happy to learn MediAid benefits for adult are on the table here in Calfornia).

            Using the word “spawn” or “popping out” (from another thread here today) are words we use for animals. There are plenty of words he could have written that apply to humans. But this “I’m not a racist” person chose not to use them.

          • Thanks for having my back — two disclaimers that use colors of paint was not meant to mean colors of skin was not enough?!?

            As to the ‘spawn’.. – I refer to my own children as my spawn… as I have good reason to believe that…. it has some shock value no doubt.. gets you to think… that you would have to fill upwards of 20, 30, 40 football stadiums to house those kinds of numbers….

            Is this where I have to go all Kavanaugh and prove innocence.. my non-racist or bigoted life? How I stepped in during 3rd grade and saved a kid from a bully? Again in 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade …. How I’ve hired all the checkbox groups in my life… LBGTQ… Also all the ages, colors, walks of life? How I mentored a single mother from a blue collar job to her first salaried positions and and and and? How I reached into my own pocket to advance an employee on many occasions to get to the next paycheck (only now do I think about what colors they were…and they were more than one color)

            Or how I went out of my way — as a Christian…. of Germanic descent — to visit the Dachau Camp…

            How I tell the guy with the Israel shirt — “Nice Shirt” after he has gotten some sort of anti-semantic comment up the street just out of earshot — me with no Jewish ancestors of any kind that I know of? No investments in Isreal — never visited there in my life.

            Or how I round up at Taco Bell so that $.78 goes to the Taco Bell Foundation…

            Or how I support the arts by dropping a buck in the case of a street musician…

            Or…. or or or or or…

            So I have to prove my non-racist life now. OK. Got it.

            Thanks again for having my back Anonna.

            This is why I love the effort of Trump…He constantly has to deal with petty crap like this and he goes on and on and on doing the best he can for his country (first).

        • I take it to mean exactly what he said, nothing racist. The paint being diluted is actually a good analogy. I have heard the term spawn used for year’s when talking about your children.

    • I never cringe at the President’s tweets. I welcome his direct and brusque style.

      It’s like getting real food after years of pictures of food. It may not always be to my taste, but it’s real.

  2. Eleven million? More like twenty to thirty million, Keith, and all popping anchor babies and working illegal under the table while they collect for the American baby from the social program system.

    And, I think it’s unworthy to always analyze issues in terms of elections and votes, which seems to be the new media habit.

    It has always seemed to me that Trump cares sincerely about this issue. Could it be that he, personally, cares about the daily invasion of our country and is using his Presidential to take effective action? Yes, it could be that. Life isn’t just a period of maneuvering angles between elections. Life is a day by day reality, too.

    Another example of reductive language is pundits talking about “Trump’s base.” Another name for them is “the Americans who agree with him.”

    • And “base” generally has some choice adjectives around it. The people who disagree with him are like a viscous dog chomping on his bone. (But dogs are smarter.)