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Pelosi Doesn’t Rule Out a Border Wall Deal

According to the Washington Examiner:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday didn’t rule out the possibility of broad immigration reform deal to end an impasse between Democrats and President Trump over border wall funding. 

When asked if she’s open to exchanging border wall funding for a deal to legalize Dreamers, those younger immigrants who came to the U.S. illegally as children, she said, “We have always stood ready to discuss comprehensive immigration reform and, of course, the Dreamers.” 

She told reporters, however, that Democrats and the Trump administration “haven’t had that discussion” and are instead caught in a fight over the wall funding.

6 Responses to Pelosi Doesn’t Rule Out a Border Wall Deal

  1. The deal on the Dreamers should be that they go through the regular process naturalized citizens do. That is hire an attorney, pay the fees and meet the other requirements and wait their turn. Also, that they not be allowed to sponsor family members from their original homeland.

    The deal should also do away with the anchor babies racket and the lottery.

    A strong signal has to be sent around the world that the only way to come is the legal way. Maybe they will stay at home and fix their own problems. The US is not doing them any favors by being an escape valve for their problems.

  2. Legalizing DACA is amnesty, which we certainly shouldn’t do. Here’s what I would do if I could: 1) Grant them green card status, assuming they meet the criteria (no criminal record etc.) WITH THE ADDIONAL PROVISO that they can not become a US citizen and can not sponsor family members. Their biggest problem will be solved – they will have legal status to live and work in the US. 2) Eliminate birthright citizenship.

  3. They want another ineffective “virtual” wall. Yet during Obama’s administration, Jordan was “given” half a billion dollars to build a wall. Let’s get real and then let’s get serious.

  4. Deport them and their families.

    Their beef is with their parents, not with U.S. law. They may have arrived as children, but they chose to stay as illegal alien adults.

    Some claim not to speak the language of their homeland — I call b.s. What did they speak when they arrived? How did they communicate with their parents? I’m supposed to believe that these were English-only households?

    Just another set of illegal aliens — and DREAMERS2 are being brought across the border even as you read this.= post.

  5. First of all we need to stop calling these people “Dreamers.” They entered the country illegally. Granted their parents brought them here but that doesn’t change the facts.

    They should have to go through the legal immigration system like everyone else.

    Also Trump should make part of the deal for the House to agree to a law that any “sanctuary” city or state will lose their federal funds. Also include a law that any university or community college that grants in state tuition to “undocumented” illegals will lose its federal funds. Enough is enough with this crap.