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WSJ: Trump May Legally Be Able to Declare Wall an “Emergency” and Build It

There would be a massive fight, however. But the government will reopen, and Democrats will have to decide whether they want to battle President Trump over a national security issue.

Trump will address the nation on the issue this evening at 9:00 pm ET.

From the Wall Street Journal:

A move by Trump to build a border wall might survive court challenges, but Congress could take steps to defund it.

One federal law states that when there is a declaration of war or a national emergency requiring the armed forces to respond, the secretary of defense can “undertake military construction projects…that are necessary to support such use of the armed forces” from the Pentagon construction budget without prior approval from Congress.

Costs for the wall likely would include not only design and construction, but also purchase, potentially through condemnation, of private property along the border.

Still, Mr. Trump’s ability to redirect congressional appropriations this way could be short-lived. “We would look at every available [option] to stop this power from being abused, and that would range from a court challenge to changes to future appropriations bills” to block any construction of the wall, a Democratic House aide said.

Currently, $13.3 billion in the Pentagon budget may be available, according to a congressional aide, enough to cover the $5 billion that Mr. Trump is seeking for the border wall. That would have to be diverted from projects such as military housing that Congress previously authorized.

17 Responses to WSJ: Trump May Legally Be Able to Declare Wall an “Emergency” and Build It

  1. I can see now if Trump goes this route, how many heads of the Democrat Congress and MSM would literally explode. They will scream abuse property and start screaming for impeachment. Democrats say they are against anything and everything that has to do with drugs, sex trafficking, ect. That is until Trump was for it and they will never give in and give Trump and the country a win. Pure politics.

  2. Sure DW…
    And this will positively absolutely surely get President Trump impeached.
    Just like the other 10 or twenty actions he took.

    • Anyone who has ever traveled internationally knows that you cannot enter ANY foreign country without going through immigration. The country visiting will examine your Passport/Visa, you will fill out a declaration swearing to how much money you are bringing into the country, what goods you are bringing into their country, how long your will be staying and where you are staying. If you overstay, they will come get you and put your ass on the next plane out. The last words you hear, prior to landing in Malaysia or Indonesia, “the penalty for dealing in drugs is death”, and they mean it.

  3. As for as I am concerned the US has suffered an invasion which was organized and encouraged by Pueblo Sin Fronteras. It happened last year, this year and another group is being organized now. President Trump is justified by declaring an emergency. Another thing that should be done is for Mexico and the US to take Pueblo Sin Fronteras to court and sue them for damages. Also, the US ought to have the IRS pull their tax exempt status.

    As a side note my neighbor has invited his mother in law from Nicaragua to visit here in Panama. Usually they go there to visit but Nicaragua is much too dangerous now. Panama requires her to have a yellow fever vaccination. (I have not heard of any yellow fever in Panama, When I came here they did not require one.) No telling what kind of diseases these invaders are bringing into the US..

    The Democrats are more concerned about their power than protecting us citizens. They will never agree to anything proposed by President Trump.

  4. Speaking of diseases, John, here is a CDC guidance on refugees. Now the problem with illegal aliens is that they do not have the support systems for treatment in place that refugees do — so presumably are not getting the care they should, which means that TB is harder to control. When I was overseas as a Foreign Service Officer, one of my postings was in China and another in the Philippines. All Foreign Service personnel were routinely screened for TB in these and other countries, as were those legally immigrating to the US. Of course, illegals are not screened for TB or anything else.

  5. While it’s easy – and accurate – to blame both sides for the shutdown, if not for the spineless Republicans in Congress, this would’ve been done two years ago.

    Blame them.

  6. CNN had another sob story about a government shutdown “victim” – some guy saying he’s going to have to choose between “gassing up the car or buying food for his family.” Good grief, I don’t think these people have even missed a paycheck yet.

    • And Schumer and Pelosis could end the government “shutdown” in ten minutes by agreeing to properly protect our border by spending the money that Trump is asking for–which turns out to be about .015 percent of the federal budget. They own this shutdown, and they want to continue it to destroy Trump. It couldn’t be more obvious.

  7. I do have empathy for people, however, if one paycheck is missed and they have no credit cards to purchase the gasoline or groceries,(I realize most people have no savings) then they are in a terrible place financially and they need to seriously revisit how they spend their money when this all works out. While I certainly don’t want this happening, it will be resolved and everything will work out. I am guessing that many banks and creditors will work with people during this time when it is out of their control. Saw an interview with Jamie Dimon this morning and he said just that. When the California government was shut down a number of years ago, warrants were issued and various financial institutions accepted them and essentially took a security interest in your paycheck when it was received. If politicians did work for the people, the immigration issue and many others would have been solved years ago. There is no will because they really don’t want to help the citizenry. They want to be re-elected.

  8. The post Trump media response will be interesting and, of course, predictable as the corporate media peddle the Democrat reaction to the speech and distort Trump speech with their panels of media propagandists. I suspect the “news stories” re Trump’s speech have already been written and approved by the fanatic Democrats. We will read and hear something like this:

    “President trump tried desperately in his speech tonight to convince the American people that his declaration of an emergency regarding the women and children attempting to save their lives by coming to the United States is justified. But our experts have told us that no one is buying Trump’s attempt to once again lie the American people. As Senators Schumer and Pelosi told this reporter, “Trump is on his last legs, desperately trying to pull a fast one by scaring us and pulling the wool over our eyes. Impeachment may be the only means to stop this madman.”

    Oh, yes, The propaganda and distortion is coming. Count on it