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Trump Makes Vivid, Passionate Case for the Wall

While President Trump talked emotionally about drugs and vicious crime against Americans, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer looked like Gomez and Morticia and discussed the harm being done to government workers.

14 thoughts on “Trump Makes Vivid, Passionate Case for the Wall”

  1. Anyone else remember how, back before the first debate in 2016, the consensus was that Trump could (and ultimately did) win it outright, simply by looking reasonable?

    I certainly remember that. Chuck and Nancy certainly did not.

    1. A serious note… How on earth can you be against having a wall to protect our country, our people? Trump is brave to have have the showdown and steely and strong to hold tough.

      Remember the House and Senate can pass anything it wants, get it vetoed and then override the veto….so I see no problem in a president — any president — holding the line on any issue.

      Our past president kept moving lines so it is hard for some to know what it is like to hold a line…

      A wall from CA to TX…. Get the Wall… All of the Wall.. Now.

      1. They care more about power, than they do about people.

        Pardon my German, but they see people as “Leute,” not “Mitmenschen.”

        That is, very roughly translated, they see us as impersonal “masses,” not “fellow human beings.”

        They do not see sanctified, dignified individuals, each one created, with love, in the image of the Most High.

        No; to them, we’re all just cogs in a machine, pawns on a chess board, blocs of voters to be manipulated for their own perpetual personal profit.

        And if the mass of “Americans” rejects them, then their solution is to shout us down with an even bigger mass of “Leute”–even if, before the law, they are supposed to be our “Mitmenschen.”

        I believe the rejection of the dignity of the individual, is ultimately at the root of most of humanity’s most horrific acts of inhumanity.

  2. Just to give a different take on President Trump’s speech here is a 7 1/2 minute You Tube from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s interview with MSNBC.

    Why don’t the federal workers who are not going to get a paycheck made a plea with Schumer and Pelosii to compromise? Why is it that Trump is the one who has to compromise.

    Looks like we are going to get a daily dose of Ocasio-Cortez.

    1. AOC is going to jump the shark soon enough… Maddow show tirade and some cuimo. show episode shows that she will be marginalized soon…the establishment Dems aren’t going to give up their party to her… Team Clinton and others will be sure of that… AOC is not going to be competition for Chelsea — watch her run for Congress in 2020 — a future Senate seat in NY is in the line… AOC is toast

  3. Pelosi and Schumer looked terrified, like they were making a hostage tape, pleading for someone, anyone, to send their kidnappers the ransom demanded for their release.

        1. Or one could photoshop a straw hat & pitchfork onto Schumer & a pinafore on Pelosi & entitle the image ‘American Gothic 2019AD’!

    1. They love kids — but how many little graves are there on the way up to Mexico — holding kids who were given to strangers to drag along, or died with parents who didn’t plan for the severe conditions of the trip?

      They love families — but they want us to live without a door on our home called the U.S.A., while they can buy all the security they want with their Swamp salaries.

      It’s time for this to stop. I hope the fear in their eyes revealed that they now understand they are fighting a real fighter. One named Donald Trump.

  4. “Vivid”. “Gruesome” and “incendiary” would be more appropriate. If he’s going to talk about the horrific ways people have died, maybe he can also speak in the same gory detail of the far greater number of people in the US, including police officers, who have died from being shot by people who seem to clearly have a common demographic.

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