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Video || Ocasio-Cortez: “No Question” Trump is a Racist

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York is the new face of the Democratic Party. A self-proclaimed radical. This is going to get President Trump reelected in 2020.

25 Responses to Video || Ocasio-Cortez: “No Question” Trump is a Racist

  1. I really, really wish the media, all media, would stop giving this woman any attention. Please just ignore her. Her continual presence in the media is making her more important than she ever will be or should be.

  2. Keep running your mouth lady. The press will continue to swoon over you. The conservative media need to take this woman seriously and stop mocking her as a doofus (which she is). She is the new face of the Democratic Party. She taps right into the Millenials who have wholeheartedly embraced Cultural Marxism.

    You can take it to the bank she will be a Presidential candidate in 2024 when she turns 35.

    • You may be right about her future plans to run for President or, more accurately, the fanatic lefties’ plan to convince her she has been chosen by Fate to be President. Can you imagine an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/Julian Castro ticket in 2024!! Oh, I can. Easily. Two useful Idiots who learned their political philosophy exclusively by watching Saturday Night Live skits. That’s where we are.

    • And dumb as she is — American citizens with votes got her into office. We need to worry a lot about the votes who think she’s worthy of office.

  3. I see it all the time. Ppl in their 20’s feel entitled, they want free education, a good paying job given to them, a nice house fully furnished with everything. But yet, they don’t want to work, only want to sleep in and have it all handed to them. Just like this woman, they want someone else to pay for while they’re at to boot. Sad to say the least.

    • I think you’ve confused the 20-somethings with the 70-somethings. And don’t forget, it was us 50-somethings who gave all those kids trophies for showing up. How could we not expect a level of entitlement after we did that to them? What we also did to them was a higher education system that is so costly, many of our brightest youngsters will have to make a life on only a high school diploma. Those of us 50+, our tuition was so low, it was US who had the FREE education. Most Millenials won’t have the luxury of a spouse at home to raise the children, take care of household matters, and look after aging parents since both will be at work. Home ownership is not a realistic goal for many of them. And don’t forget those pensions the 70-somethings enjoy in addition to that Social Security check starting up at 65. Nope. Those 20-somethings are going to be working until the very end. I recommend withholding judgment on the Millennials. Their lives will be far less comfortable than ours have been.

      • I’m in full agreement with you, Angel. Every time I bring these points up with my friends (65+ year olds), they disclaim it and immediately change topics.

        • Yes- read ‘A Generation of Psychopaths’ by Gibney, ‘Destructive Generation’ by Collier & Horowitz, ‘Sex, Drugs, & Rocknroll’ by Fenter. All of the behavior/mind control experimentation combined with invented ‘social issues’ of the 20th century was dumped onto the largest & last ‘white’ generation: the boomers 1946-64AD.

          • I see parents being friends with their kids instead of being a parent. I was at a department store near lunch time. I walked passed a lady and her 6 year old. She looked down and asked…”We are about done here where do you want to eat?”. My parents never asked me.

      • Some older people are rich thanks to pensions and fat SocSec checks. Many are not. You’re painting your picture with too broad a brush.

      • My life has been comfortable because I work hard for what I have and don’t sit around waiting for someone to buy it for me. As far as the cost of education, when the government guarantees the payment for college, you know the price will go up. Go to a trade school, skip the debt and indoctrination, and have s skill you can get a job with.

        • I cannot speak for you, but I can speak for myself. While I work hard and have a graduate degree, there are a lot of young people who are more intelligent than me, work harder, and also avoided the common pitfalls that set one back (divorce, illness, etc.) and they will have far less than me. Like you, these people also do not sit around and wait for someone to buy it for them. That is quite an assumption.

      • Our benefits are in direct relation to how much we paid in over the years. My husband, a chemical engineer with an MBA elected to wait until age 70 to collect his benefits. He died at 72. I owned a successful business for 30 years and paid in nearly as a self-employed business owner. I do not regret one cent that I collect.

        • I’m sorry to learn about your husband.

          My comment isn’t to deny the elderly their benefits. You have earned what you have, and I’m glad for you.

          It is simply that the Millennials will work just as hard and for as many or more years, but they’ll come out with less. In my later years, I expect there will be many of my own peers who are working well into their 70s, even 80s. And God forbid something happens to force them to retire before they’re ready. The future isn’t as bright as it was a generation or 2 ago.

    • And the fanatic lefties and corporate media will constantly raise her up and praise her as though she were The Queen of the Universe and our only hope for the future. Yet, it’s painfully obvious she is an empty vessel which Pelosi and her ilk in Congress will fill with political poison.

  4. So naïve, so sure in her righteousness and so young.
    The anti-Trump cabals have made attacking the morality, the intelligence, and the patriotism of MrTrump a popular trend for so many.
    Racist. Anti-Semite. Anti-everything, but yet he’s still the only light between us and the darkness waiting to ruin our country.
    She’ll fade away soon enough.

    • One wonders what they’ll stand for, once they have to actually stand for some-thing.

      They’ve spent three decades running against the GOP, and for top-ticket personality cults.

      I think that bill is going to come due in 2020. Let’s assume Cacklepants doesn’t just go full-on Cersei Lannister, and screw her twin brother order the DNC to rig the votes and arrange a rematch.

      Who’s next? And do any of them even remotely look statesmanlike?

      Most of the younger Democrat candidates look and act like narcissistic spoiled brats. It is the nauseatingly disgusting legacy of the reign of King Barry the Wicked, to whom they are intellectual heirs.

      That is, insofar as the word “intellectual” even applies to them: some of them seem to possess the self-awareness level of a bottle of personal lubricant.

      Which, by the way, is what our body politic is going to need lots of, should they acquire the power they seek. It’s not as if we don’t already know they won’t even have the common decency of giving the likes of Wyoming and Nebraska a reach-around, but don’t get me started on that.

      Their ideas, such as they have, do not work. Ask a Venezuelan defector: God knows, there sure are a lot of them, not that we’re supposed to be asking why that is, of course…

      They have no credible ideas about how to improve life along Main Street or Elm Street in Anytown, U.S.A. Ensconced safely in their coastal privilege bubbles, they don’t give a flying Frisbee about what happens anywhere between the eastern Appalachians and the western Rockies. And their policies, or, more properly, their utter lack thereof, reflect this.

      So when the refudiation continues in 2020, what then? I fear we’ve already seen enough previews, that we can guess how this movie ends. We need only observe the screeching, demon-possessed legions at the Kavanaugh hearings, the attempted mass assassination of the Republicans’ baseball team, and daily life in Seattle. We know exactly what’s coming.