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Video || CNN Reporter Has Microphone Taken Away During Trump Press Conference

CNN White House reporter Kaitlan Collins Friday tried to pull a Jim Acosta during a White House press conference, continuing to ask a question even though someone else had been called on.

Someone from the White House came by to take the microphone from her. She didn’t stop asking her question, but unlike Acosta at a news conference late last year, she released it.

Had she held the microphone, God only knows. The guy who took it, rather aggressively, would have become the new face of sexism, male privilege, etc., etc., and a new national crisis would have erupted over the treatment of CNN reporters.

15 thoughts on “Video || CNN Reporter Has Microphone Taken Away During Trump Press Conference”

    1. They were derided as the “Clinton News Network” back in the 1990’s, after Peter Arnett used them to pass along Iraqi propaganda during Desert Storm.

      This is just who they are.

  1. This relentless hatred of Trump is a poison. No one has talked about the fact that even women’t fashion magazines have articles supporting SJW propaganda. Of course, some of this is the pandering to the celebrities featured within, but some of it appears to be editorial policy.

    This has moved me from respecting these people as having a different opinion to my viewing them as useful idiots and knowing power mongers who have learned (read Alinsky’s book) that if you persist and persist in the end you win — and in this case possible destroy our nation as it was founded.

    Extreme view on my part? I no longer think so.

  2. CNN had a sob story this morning about a (female) government worker affected by the shutdown…she said she was faced with having to choose between “utilities or groceries.”

    The network is a joke.

    1. That is what is wrong with the USA. Too many people are living paycheck to paycheck. Dave Ramsey says people should have 6 months living expenses for emergencies.

      1. Love me some Dave Ramsey.
        Mark Steyn said this: “When you are broke you lose connection with your destiny and your future.”

    2. Know what my reaction to that sob story was?

      Well, boo fucking hoo hoo.
      Welcome to what Middle America had to live with during the Obama years, toots. Now do you see how Trump won?

      I know, I know, I’m a cynical bastard. But cynicism greatly simplifies evaluating stuff like that, and it tends to be right a surprisingly high percentage of the time.

        1. They are not unemployed. They will be paid. They cannot be laid off. They are just having a wait a little while longer for their six-figure paychecks.

          The Congress has built these federal employees such a cushy situation that they not only can’t be fired, they can’t be “laid off” like private sector employees. They cannot even be required to move to a different job or perform different tasks than their usual.

          So all of this talk of them “working without pay” is a crock. The lucky ones are those who are getting to stay home with free paid vacation – because they will be paid for every hour as soon as Congress gets their heads out of the sand and funds The Wall. And no one is “working without pay” – they will all get their paychecks too. Maybe a few weeks late. If I’m not mistaken, they might even get interest because of the delay.

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