In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Video || December at the White House

A White House production. Mostly Melania.

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  1. President Trump needs to double down on his wall costs. He should now ask for the full $25 billion needed.

    Also it is time Trump starts talking about the need for a Constitutional Amendment for Term Limits. And when Congress says they won’t do it, he needs to support a Convention of the States and keep talking about it!. Here is some language:

    The 28th Amendment – Term Limits and Recall of Federal Officials

    1. Federal Justices may serve a maximum 24 year term with a mandatory retirement at age 75.
    2. Representatives and Senators may not be elected for nor more than six terms for Representatives and three terms for Senators or a maximum combined service of 20 years.
    3. The mandatory retirement age for all elected officials is 75 years or the end of their term.
    4. Any Executive, Legislator, Federal Justice or Elected Official may be recalled from office through a petition of 5% of the registered voters. If a majority of the people shall vote to recall a person they have elected to office or any member of the judiciary having jurisdiction over them or any person appointed to serve by any such official, then that official whether elected or appointed will be recalled from office, and shall not be appointed or reappointed to serve in the government of the United States.

    1. Milton Freidman has the idea that no one should to eligible to be elected to Congress until they reach 60 years old. I like that plus I’d limit it to members have to retire at 72. One problem to watch out for is giving the government employees too much power.

      The gun control kid, David Hogg, is 18. He said when he reaches 25 he will run for Congress. He is immature and a one issue guy.

  2. Still- the President & Mrs. Trump make me feel like it’s 1959 AD. They both carry on the decent, courteous regard for their fellow American that was generally displayed by pre-boomer elected public officials.

  3. Mrs.Trump is so lovely and gracious. The MSM has certainly done its best not to say anything decent about her.

    And as I am waiting in line in the grocery store, there was another magazine cover with Mrs0 on it. I have never seen one with Mrs. Trump.


    1. And Mrs. O was named the most admired women in 2018. Melania came in 4th.

      Plus Mr O was the most admired man. President Trump came in 2nd.

  4. They also need to add this: “No person currently a member of the Senate or House of Representatives may be elected to the office of President.

    A vacancy in the House or Senate caused by death, resignation, incapacitation, impeachment, or removal from office shall be filled by an election to be held not more than six months from the date of the vacancy.

    Removal from office caused by impeachment and conviction in the Senate shall bar the convicted from holding any office of the United States and any state office.”

    1. Incapacitation, like Giffords & McCain. They wouldn’t let go. Now Mark Kelly wants to run for congress, you can bet he would be using his sadly incapacitated wife as a campaign tool. He’s an abusive, sick dude.
      ( I live in AZ.)

  5. 1) No more Barack Obamas or John Kerrys (running for President while a member of the Senate)

    2) No more states changing qualifications for office to fill a vacancy (a la Massachusetts changing election to appointment if Kerry had won)

    3) No more Alcee Hastings. He was impeached and removed from office but was not explicitly disqualified from holding federal office again. So he is back in the House after being kicked out for bribery.

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