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Video || Elizabeth Warren Drinks a Beer Because She’s Just Like Us

I don’t think she looks like she drinks beers from the bottle.

Unfortunately, it’s not the first time someone completely un-relatable has had a beer to look relatable.

Actually, she looked more natural downing that shot than drinking her beer, which has me kind of worried.

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7 Responses to Video || Elizabeth Warren Drinks a Beer Because She’s Just Like Us

  1. I know I’m old schoolgirl, but since when do we need to see politicians booze it up to show they are “like us” or are “relatable”?

    • It may be that Warren’s public boozing in this bizarre video is her way of asking for help. Does she have a drinking problem? Is she saying “Look at what I am doing. Help me get control over my drinking. I’m begging for someone to intervene.”

      You never know. Politicians do weird things.

  2. Read this today, seems like this is a good place to put it.
    ” I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one;
    ‘O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.
    And God granted it.”
    I think I’ll pray that one tonight.

  3. Dumb question…when/if a president is drinking, is her/his access to strategic “things” limited? It is illegal and morally wrong to drive drunk but isn’t running the free world similar?