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Trump Threatens to Close the Border “Entirely”

President Trump raised the stakes Friday morning in the shutdown battle, saying he will close the border with Mexico altogether if he doesn’t get funding for the wall.

If he is serious, this is some high-stakes poker. And exactly the type of stance Americans elected him to take.

From his tweets Friday morning:

We will be forced to close the Southern Border entirely if the Obstructionist Democrats do not give us the money to finish the Wall & also change the ridiculous immigration laws that our Country is saddled with. Hard to believe there was a Congress & President who would approve!

….The United States looses soooo much money on Trade with Mexico under NAFTA, over 75 Billion Dollars a year (not including Drug Money which would be many times that amount), that I would consider closing the Southern Border a “profit making operation.” We build a Wall or…..

…..close the Southern Border. Bring our car industry back into the United States where it belongs. Go back to pre-NAFTA, before so many of our companies and jobs were so foolishly sent to Mexico. Either we build (finish) the Wall or we close the Border……

…..Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are doing nothing for the United States but taking our money. Word is that a new Caravan is forming in Honduras and they are doing nothing about it. We will be cutting off all aid to these 3 countries – taking advantage of U.S. for years!

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    • Invading is a nonstarter, and they know it. But without yanqui dinero, their economy collapses.

      In 2016, according to Pew Global, remittances from the U.S. to Mexico added up to $28,126,000,000. If you need that spelled out, that’s twenty-eight billion dollars, with a B.

      For perspective, the top exports of Mexico in 2016 were cars ($34B), vehicle parts ($27.7B), delivery trucks ($25.1B), computers ($22B) and telephones ($17.9B).

      A lot of that goes to The U.S.: of Mexico’s $394 billion of exports, $289 billion of it–73%–goes to the U.S.

      The economic damage to Mexico would probably be somewhere between catastrophic and colossal.

      All of which, Trump would pin on the Democrats. He’d win that fight, too.

      Chuck and Nancy are so busy trying to placate their misinformed, unthinking power base, that they’re about to lose the middle, for a very long time.

  1. Trump is winning this little border wall kerfuffle. He’s making the loons in the Congress–Pelosi (vacationing in Hawaii and paying $4,000+ a day for a “suite” in some fancy digs while she’s complaining about everything Trump does)), Schumer, Camilla Harris etc., look like fools.

    • He seems to be keeping the pressure on for sure. I hear he did not go to Florida but is staying in DC. Somehow I suspect the Dems would rather see him on the golf course in SoFL as opposed to pushing their buttons from the White House (and the reports, I’ll bet, like the SoFL weather too)

  2. He can close up the Southern border, but the illegals will still find a way to sneak into our country. They don’t go through official entry points, but cross the river, the desert, and some even fly across.
    Closing the official entry points will hurt businesses and Green Card workers most.
    We still need a WALL everywhere on the border.

        • That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout. The Mayor of Tijuana is complaining bitterly that crime is up, it is costing mucho dinero per invader to keep them sheltered and fed and he thinks since the invaders were heading toward the USA, then we should take care of them.
          Horse feathers! You don’t want them, then deport them.

    • Too bad. Green card holders are here at our sufferance. Nothing to say that we have to allow them to keep coming. As for business, ha ha. I think we get far more business from other countries than we do from Mexico. Our dollars flow south not the other way around.
      Close it and then build the wall. Lay this at the feet of the abusive Democrats and make them cry uncle.

    • Tough. We’ve been kind to the Mexicans for decades as they allow their own people and others to slip into our nation illegally.

      Let them lose some $$$$$. And, no, I don’t care if it’s Jose the green card worker or the Mexican big bu$iness people or the Mexican government.

  3. update: Yesterday I posted a link to the story of 70 illegal aliens dropped off at the Greyhound bus station in Phoenix.
    A local Baptist church has taken them under their wing, but needs food, clothing, and ‘backpacks’ they say.
    Today’s story: ICE is dropping off another 100 illegal aliens at the same bus station today.
    No Dem group or pro-illegal alien group has stepped up to take care of these people who are here in the US with mostly nothing to aid their lives, not money, not family, nothing. They will be leeches on our welfare system when someone shows them how to ‘play the system’.
    There are a number of children in this group of aliens who will probably be dropped into some public school and just wither there for lack of English speaking skills.
    After some thought – we’re not helping these people, nor is anyone who shouts they have a “right” to be here. The humane thing for us to do is to pay for their transport back to their homeland.

  4. I just thought of something, and if this turns out to be Trump’s game plan, he’s a genius.

    Say Trump shuts down the border right after Pelosi is elected Speaker.

    AMLO realizes that the Democrats are digging in, and therefore, Mexico is, for lack of a better word, screwed.

    AMLO comes to Washington, doing his best Henny Youngman act. Trump holds a triumphant presser, says he kept his word, no thanks to Chuck ‘n’ Nancy.

    That effectively cuts Pelosi off at the knees. Democrats would either have to stick with her, even though she’s damaged goods; or, vacate the chair and look like the gang that can’t shoot straight.

    If that’s his game plan, it’s genius.

  5. Do you think the Democrats thought Trump had this as an option? No….

    Trump thinks big… and big thinkers are never in a box or boxed in…

    He has a way to win and he is willing to risk the pain to win… You think Mexico wants to have 70-80% of its trade stop?

    So not only will my prediction of Trump getting OVER the $5Billion hold — AND I think he is going to get comprehensive immigration reform AND… he is going to be more gracious to the 11million+ illegals than the democrats would be so he will so he will look like the winner here… and this issue will be solved and the country can move on to the next issue — drugs or debt or murder rates in inner cities or whatever is next…

  6. Why doesn’t Trump sign an executive order imposing a 10% fee on remittances sent to Latin America? Funding problem solved. Mexicans in the U.S. send ~$30 billion back home.