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No Talks for Days After Dems Rejected Scaled-Back Trump Proposal

Democrats are now refusing to even talk. They say the White House numbers keep changing. The White House says Pelosi is trying to keep her base happy and get elected speaker.

From a piece I did for the Washington Examiner.

Efforts to resolve a government shutdown fight have been at a standstill since Saturday, when Democrats rejected a White House proposal that reduced President Trump’s $5 billion demand for a border wall and offered flexibility on just how solid the wall needed to be.

According to a senior White House official, White House negotiators led by Vice President Mike Pence and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner huddled with Democrats on Capitol Hill Saturday and proposed between $1.6 billion and $5 billion in funds for a “physical barrier” that would include “fencing, a wall, and steel slats.”

This, the official acknowledged, meant not all the funding would have to be used for a “wall.”

7 Responses to No Talks for Days After Dems Rejected Scaled-Back Trump Proposal

  1. We don’t care if the non-essential government agencies and/or employees never get back to work.
    Instead of making a compromise, MrTrump should just ask for all the money – whatever the billion dollar cost.
    Build the wall, steel slats, concrete, telephone poles, barbed wire, bricks, whatever, just BUILD THAT WALL.

  2. The government can find $4.9 billion subsidies for Elon Musk. Is his doings more importation than the wall?

    I read the Dept. of Agriculture has $200 billion of authorized but unspent money. Figure out a way to use $5 billion of that for a wall.

    Ted Cruz has the idea to use monies forfeited by the Mexican cartel kingpin Capo.

    PS. Musk is now talking about building a high speed auto tunnel in LA. He has some big ideas but no problem he will ask for government help.

    I hope Trump does not compromise with Schumer and Pelosi. The US needs to send a signal to the countries producing these illegal migrants that they are not welcome unless they come through legal process.

    • It’s sickening that the Democrat Party does NOTHING for the good of this country, they would rather have chaos, than protect actual American citizens.

      I hope beyond hope, that Trumo can somehow use all of the suggestions listed here to get what we need done. Closing down the border would also be appreciated.