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The Barack Obama Expressway? Not So Fast

With his giant new “library” on the way, Chicagoans are going to have to deal with the fact that their city is morphing from Chicagoland into Obamaland.

Oh, what has become of the city of Al Capone?

Well, there’s a move afoot to glorify Obama with some pavement, but it looks like someone’s getting steamrolled and doesn’t like it.

From the Washington Examiner:

The family of the namesake of a major road on Chicago’s South Side is pushing back against a mayoral candidate’s suggestion the expressway be rebranded to former President Barack Obama.

Bill Daley, who is running to replace Rahm Emanuel as Chicago’s mayor in February’s election, last week proposed changing the name of the Dan Ryan Expressway, also known as Interstate 90/94. But the Ryan family is upset that Daley, whose father and brother previously served as the city’s mayor, would put forward the idea without seeking their opinion first. Dan Ryan, a former Cook County board president, worked extensively with then-Mayor Richard J. Daley, the current candidate’s father, to build the road. Dan Ryan died suddenly in 1961 before it opened in 1962.

Bill Daley served as White House chief of staff in the Obama administration, as did Emanuel, the outgoing mayor.

“I’m hurt. I feel bad that he didn’t try and contact us to see what we would think,” Daniel B. Ryan III, the namesake’s grandson, 69, told the Chicago Sun-Times this week. “We feel very honored to have this named after our grandfather. Why would you take an honor away from one man to honor another?”

14 thoughts on “The Barack Obama Expressway? Not So Fast”

  1. I’m all for it. The Barack Obama Freeway. Yep. The Michelle Obama Avenue. The Sasha Obama Road.
    The Obama Family Park. The President Obama Fairground. Michelle’s Sports Arena. Obama High School. The BHO Apartments.
    Heck, go for it, Chicago.

  2. I agree with you srdem65. 100%.
    I hope Chicago residents hear this on a daily basis from their news sources:
    – Major accident on the Obama Freeway
    – Fatal accident on the Obama Freeway
    – Obama Freeway has come to a grinding halt
    – One hour delays on the Obama freeway

  3. So many bridges and highways get named for people in my state, but no one ever calls them by their name. I can only think of one, Martin Luther King Road, and it’s called the MLK.

    What difference does it make at this point?

    1. Every major city I have been in I have noticed that “MLK Blvd or Ave or etc.” has always been in a ‘bad neighborhood’… -just saying

  4. I’m not in favor of naming any buildings, roads, schools etc. after politicians. It’s nothing more than hype. Have been against it for a long time.

  5. Name the highway after Obama.

    When traffic reports come over the airwaves, they will be “The Obama Highway is backed up”, or “Obama Highway is clogged just like Congress”, or “Obama Highway is constipated, AGAIN”.

  6. Well Barack the Nagnificent left a legacy of destruction behind when he left office. I guess the sycophants gotta give him dumpin’ to preen over.

  7. Mayoral candidate seeking the black vote.
    Just Chicago politics.
    I wonder how he’d feel about rebranding the Daley Center back to its former name.
    Chicago Civic center.

  8. Obama’ did little to nothing for Chicago. During his time in office
    He never once (as I recollect) came to Chicago and take the “bully pulpit” to try to wind down the shooting and killings.

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