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Trump Even Criticized ​for Talking to Kids on Christmas Eve

Without having any idea what was said by the child, critics are suggesting President Trump ruined the Santa myth for a seven-year-old as he and Melania were speaking to children “tracking Santa” with NORAD.

Anyway, another year of biased press hatred of Trump comes to a merciful end, to be followed by . . . an even worse year ahead.

6 thoughts on “Trump Even Criticized ​for Talking to Kids on Christmas Eve”

  1. We can thank the MSM and all the Trump haters for finally making the man who sits in the Oval Office a regular guy, someone we recognize, maybe just like us instead of a false pillar of integrity, honesty, and admirable qualities who would disappoint us like Obama did.

  2. Pick, pick, pick at Christmas and at Donald Trump. I am tired of the Progs’ self-awarded “right” to criticize every little thing that offends them as if the fate of humanity was at stake.

    These people hate Christmas and should leave it alone, but, no, they have to adjust and improve our celebrating of it.

    Wait until their fellow Antifers turn on them.

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