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Trump Presses for “Nuclear Option” to Get Wall Funding with 50 Votes

The Democrats would totally do this.

They are the ones that started getting rid of the 60-vote threshold needed to break a filibuster, doing it in order to confirm lower-court judges. Then Republicans applied it to Supreme Court nominees. And now, President Trump says, it’s time to permit legislation to pass with just 51 votes, or 50 if the vice president is used as the tiebreaker in favor.

Perhaps the next step is another limited one, applying it just to spending bills. You can already pass what’s known as a “budget resolution” that provides a general blueprint for spending with 50 votes. How about the spending itself?

It’s the only way Trump will get $5 billion for his wall. Although it is possible Democrats will compromise if there is an extended shutdown and give him a portion of what he wants, even with the filibuster. But I doubt it.

3 Responses to Trump Presses for “Nuclear Option” to Get Wall Funding with 50 Votes

  1. Speaking of Obamacare Mike Hucklebee has a good idea about how to replace it. His idea is for each of the States come up with their own program. 25 States are Democratic and 25 are Republican. Not all programs will work. He pointed out the Democratics won’t agree with anything the Repubicans come up with. I recall Trump saying even if the Republicans came up with a gold plated program the Democratics would reject it.

  2. As a voter for Sen. McConnell, I’ll trust what he thinks. The Dems were victims of the Reid Rule (that backfired on them, thankfully) and I am sure Sen McConnell is thinking about that.

    However, I do not believe Sen Schumer would think twice about changing rules to benefit the liberal cause. So maybe abandon the filibuster all together now? Because I believe Schumer will if he gets the gavel.