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Video || Trump: “We’ve Won” and It’s Time to Bring Troops Home from Syria

President Trump is bringing some 2,000 troops home from Syria, claiming the battle against ISIS is won.

I can’t say I know what the correct policy is here. I just don’t understand the situation on the ground in Syria well enough. And I expect Trump will maintain some kind of presence in Syria.

But I do know that when we have pulled out of these places before, as Barack Obama did in Iraq prior to the creation of ISIS, there has been a resurgence of extremist violence. So I’m concerned. Wondering what you think about it.

7 thoughts on “Video || Trump: “We’ve Won” and It’s Time to Bring Troops Home from Syria”

  1. We sent more than 2,000 troops to our southern border to stop illegal aliens from entering our country – look how that is working out for us.

    Let Russia and Assaud worry about ISIS and other radical , violent groups.
    Bring our guys and gals home.

  2. One part of me asks: what is this sudden withdrawal all about? What will happen now? What’s behind this decision? What about our strategic interests in the area?

    Another part of me says: It’s about time we got out of this never ending war which has no winners. That area of the world has been at war with itself and other countries/tribes/clans for 4,000+ years and they will always be tearing at each other’s throats. There will never be an end to their madness. So, let’s get the heck out. There’s nothing there worth losing one drop of blood over.

    So there it is.

  3. We’ll have some kind of presence to protect the Syrian Kurds from Turkey. Our stated policy under The Dear Leader was that Assad had to go. That’s not going to happen.

    The Russians and Syrians will keep Daesh (ISIS) from returning. If Assad uses chemical weapons he’ll get some more cruise missiles.

    Israel will keep Iran and Hezbollah from establishing bases near its borders. Russia has been (quietly) supporting Israel’s airstrikes on Hezbollah in Syria. Russia doesn’t really like Iran either. This is a marriage of convenience.

    Russia supported Syria because during the Cold War Syria was a very loyal client state of the USSR. They also don’t want to lose their air and naval bases.

    Bottom line – Assad has won the civil war. Just a question of when.

    The real problem is all the Syrian men that fled to Europe under the EU/Frau Merkel open borders policy. They are NOT going back to Syria and the Islamification of Europe will continue.

  4. I am so sorry to hear General Mattis and Trump did not agree and Mattis is leaving. America is losing on this one. God help us all if Pompeo leaves. Our president will not listen to his top military advisors. He knows it all and then tweets it. I voted for Trump, with reservations. We had the choice of an unproven politician or a known crook. Why can’t we get good and decent people to run for the highest office in the world? On Afghanistan. He’ll pull the troops out of there, too. Not only is America going to be more threatened by Islamic terrorists, Israel will be, too.

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