As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Trump on Border Wall and Spending Bill

10 Responses to Live Stream || Trump on Border Wall and Spending Bill

  1. He’s the token liberal at FNC. The same way Megan McCain is the token conservative on The View and David Brooks (ha,ha) at NPR (National Pravda Radio).

  2. Chuck and Nancy are now claiming that our country is in “chaos”. They also insist that nothing will make them vote to fund the border wall.
    Lines in the sand, not concrete I’m guessing.

    Memo to Pres Trump:
    Shut it down. We’ll be OK. Build that wall.
    We got your back.

  3. I also listened today to Chuck and Nancy, the two Congressional Pinocchios of our times. They are utterly shameless in everything they say and do.

    • It seems average Americans have finally figured out how to Get Things Done, without Washington’s permission.

      It may not take many instances of this, to finally show the American “elites” up as the meritless grifters that they are.

      I doubt they’ll go quietly; but what new dawn may yet arise, if we were to rediscover, and fully embrace, self-governance?