As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Had Better Fund the Wall or Shut Down the Government

There is one thing that was central to President Trump’s campaign. Greater and more profound than any promise he made. That he would build a wall between the United States and Mexico. 

The White House is now backtracking from threats to close down the government if Trump does not get $5 billion he requested for the wall. They are talking about moving money from other accounts, which I’m not sure they can do without congressional approval. Democrats aren’t budging. They will give him no money for the wall.

This is the last chance Trump has to get any money for the wall, with Democrats taking over the House. His base knows that. The base that voted him into office.

If he flies to Mar-a-Lago Friday for a week of golf without either money for the wall or a government shutdown that shows he was serious, he might as well stay there, because he will not be reelected.

11 Responses to Trump Had Better Fund the Wall or Shut Down the Government

  1. Look – I will be thoroughly disappointed if Trump bails on the wall — the prospect of President Biden or President Beto or whatever is not fun…

    Can’t believe that Trump will not come up with a list of stupid stuff the government spends on… EXAMPLE Here..

    AND…. I don’t care of the government shuts down… If you can shut it down what does that tell you about the functions being performed…

  2. I agree, Keith.
    It’s a govt slowdown, not shutdown. 84% of govt stays open for business.
    Can’t believe he’d cave on this. It’s what he lives for.

  3. I just wish someone had the courage to smash his phone so he would not be able to send any more Twitter posts.
    I like the guy, but he’s getting on my nerves with his tweets.

  4. We don’t know what’s going on in the WhiteHouse, don’t know what the future will bring, and it’s close to Christmas, so….
    OT: something to think about
    While Christmas shopping on Amazon, I came across an offer for men’s watches – one for $.01, two for $.99 @. Yes, three men’s watches for $1.99, plus shipping of about $3. What the heck – I ordered them.
    The watches were made in China, shipped from China – umpty-thousands of miles away, through customs and plopped in my mailbox.
    The watches are multi-functional, two have metal bands, one has a leather band and all three work perfectly.
    So. What’s the catch? Are they radioactive, are they fitted with spyware GPS, do they have listening devices inside the works?
    Who sells anything for $.01 and ships it from China is the question.

  5. My husband and I just donated to Brian Kolfage’s “We The People Will Fund The Wall” Go Fund Me. It is over 1.5million in two days.

    Kolfage is a Veteran, triple-amputee from combat injuries in Iraq (you can read about him on his website briankolfage com ).

    If Congress won’t help our President and us, then we need to help ourselves, and help him ourselves.