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Sarah Sanders Suggests Trump May Take Less Than $5B for Wall

The human element always enters here.

Frankly, President Trump wants to head to Mar-a-Lago and play golf for a week. Nobody in Congress wants to hang around Washington for Christmas.

There’s not going to be a government shutdown.

According to the Washington Examiner:

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders hinted Tuesday morning that President Trump might be willing to accept less than $5 billion in border wall funding initially from Congress if lawmakers agree to pass a comprehensive border security bill, potentially avoiding a government shutdown over the funding. 

“We have other ways that we can get to that $5 billion that we’ll work with Congress if they will make sure that we get a bill passed that provides not just the funding for the wall, but there is a piece of legislation that has been pushed around that Democrats voted 26-5 out of committee that provides roughly $26 billion in border security, including $1.6 billion for the wall,” Sanders said on Fox News Tuesday morning. 

“That’s something that we would be able to support as long as we can couple that with other funding resources to get to the $5 billion,” Sanders said.

3 Responses to Sarah Sanders Suggests Trump May Take Less Than $5B for Wall

  1. Hope he does not back down. Flynn going down today is bad enough but to give up on the wall too??
    losing bigly today it seems!

    Q where are U?? where is the PLAN??

    Depressing day!

  2. I would still vote for him for the simple reason that whomever the Democrats put up will be a gazillion times worse than ANY Republican.
    My mom always used to tell me “there is more than one way to skin a cat.” Maybe DJT can find that other way.

    • Agree with you to a point, however Donald Trump stated that the wall would be built. Don’t get me wrong, the blame is mostly with the weak willed Republicans (still in the majority until January) who cave every time.