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Video || Mika Brzezinski Apologizes for Calling Pompeo Trump’s “Butt Boy”

I don’t know. Is this necessarily “homophobic”? I always thought the term was a little bit more like a “kiss ass” or just someone who follows someone else around closely or does everything they say.

In fact, until about ten years ago, the president’s aide-de-camp, who follows him everywhere, gives him the papers he needs, and whatever other small items he requires, was routinely referred to by the White House Press corps and the president’s “butt boy.”

Anyway, as you know, today, if you get out of bed, you’ve probably offended someone. So Mika had to apologize, and a liberal got a dose of political correctness blowback their normally dole out to others.

9 Responses to Video || Mika Brzezinski Apologizes for Calling Pompeo Trump’s “Butt Boy”

  1. Mika Brzezinski apologizes for her butt boy statement ……especially the LGBT community and her colleagues.
    Never mind, Mike Pompeio. A very classy woman.

  2. What she said on national TV is why Donald Trump won the election.
    That’s how real people talk.
    We say what we think.
    Some of us are anti-gay, some are not.
    We don’t all love the Muslims and say so. We don’t want millions of illegal aliens storming our borders and don’t respect the ones that do. Men say things about women, women have lots to say about men -and none of it is very complimentary.
    D.Trump made it OK to have a free mind, even if it’s not politically correct.
    So, you say what you want to -Mika. It’s free speech after all.

    • Let’s see: A conservative publication goes after a sitting President who is doing what conservatives have wanted for years, and now..they have no readers.

      • Gotta feel for the little guys, though.

        How many are newly unemployed, right before Christmas, because Bill Kristol couldn’t get over his NeverTrump butthurt?

        They’re having to find new jobs, because Kristol couldn’t find the Preparation H.

  3. How can “butt boy” mean anything different than a boy(or young man) being sodomized? That is the original meaning.

    It is not homophobic, rather it is disgustingly degenerate and has no place in civil dialog.

  4. Everything has become sexualized in our modern era. I have no idea what this means/meant, but it is pretty coarse. Whatever happened to “assistant?”