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Trump Cancels White House Christmas Party for Press Corps

Well, there’s no Christmas party for the White House press corps this year. President Trump has nixed it.

Every year, the press is invited to feast on White House delicacies, have cocktails, and then meet and get a photo with the first lady and the president. I’ve been to many of these parties – although the Obamas stopped inviting me because they didn’t like me, and I didn’t get an invite last year, probably by mistake – and I can assure you they are wonderful affairs. The lamb chops and the shrimp cocktail are the best you’ve ever tasted.

But who can blame Trump? The press corps invited a comedian who hates Trump to perform at its annual dinner last spring. And the coverage is relentlessly negative.

Why invite a group of people who hate you and who are biased in their work when they claim to be neutral to come party with you?

There’s plenty of grumbling about this, I’ve been told by others who are more connected to the other White House reporters. I’m sure you are all broken up about it and grieving for them . . . 

10 thoughts on “Trump Cancels White House Christmas Party for Press Corps”

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  2. If I hated someone, thought they were part of a criminal activity, told everyone he was an idiot/demented/crazy/childish – why would I even consider going to a party he hosted?
    Only the hypocrites are upset, IMO.

  3. Trump is not clever. He is direct. Treat me like crap and I will not go out of my way for you…..

    Although he continues to give them an unprecedented level of access.

    OT — Trump approval about points higher than Obama at this point… there are issues/problems/etc…but overall this shows you that the people are pretty happy with Mr Trump.

    1. In one of his books, Trump says if someone does you wrong, go after them in a very public way, people will see you do it and respect you.

      I think this is true. And I like seeing him do it. No festive feast for those who distorted the news all year — good.

  4. Good for him. Why should taxpayers pay for professional opinionists to chow down?

    Why should Trump have to do a party for his enemies?

    I am glad he did this. He saved the taxpayers some money and avoided feeding Swamp creatures.

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