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Video || Trump Shocks Pelosi and Schumer by Opening Meeting to the Press

Hilarious. Note around 6:30 where “transparency Nancy” suggests throwing the press out.

5 thoughts on “Video || Trump Shocks Pelosi and Schumer by Opening Meeting to the Press”

  1. For a person who prides his negotiating skills, any 5th grader can tell you these people will not be back at the same table ever again.

    The ambush was, at best, unprofessional. Chuck + Nancy should have walked off the show at the start. But, then again, they’re not ratings-obsessed entertainers.

    Other topic. Anyone notice the posture? 45 and his VP in pretty much full man-spread sitting on twin golden thrones? (no toilet innuendo intended).

    1. Of course not. There were many things of importance. It is interesting how you would interpret it in such a way. It is important though. The position is an age-old dominance move. The sidekick was doing it too.

      1. I don’t think Nancy, and her side kick Chuck would ever negotiate with President Trump, about anything. They’ve declared their priority to be impeachment, NOT working together for the good of the country.

        By the way, did you ever call out man spreading by Obama and his “side kick?”

  2. The position that the man sits in has nothing to do with anything.

    But what is important, is the position Trump showed to everyone with eyeballs to see and ears hear; that Nancy, Chuck, and people like you, are heavily invested in unrestricted illegal immigration, hoping to swell the ranks of Democrat voters who will be dependent on government handouts, and that the President is invested in protecting this nation with an actual border security that works, including the promise of as barrier wall that got him elected.

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