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North Korea Expands Long-Range Missile Program; Still Building Nukes

I don’t understand why President Trump is allowing this to proceed. I’m hoping there is something significant going on behind the scenes I don’t know about. But I doubt it.

Trump is more likely being played by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, who has gotten from Trump was he needs – time to complete his missile program so that his nukes can reach the United States.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

North Korea is expanding military facilities thought to house long-range missiles that can hit the U.S., according to a think-tank report that revives doubts about the regime’s sincerity in disarmament negotiations.

Pyongyang is still producing nuclear weapons and appears to be upgrading a missile base near the Chinese border, according to the analysis by the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, Calif., based on satellite imagery taken in recent months.

“The missile base at Yeongjeo-dong has long been a concern to U.S. and South Korean officials because of its unique location,” the report said, referring to the border site, which it said is likely to receive the North’s latest weapons.

Seven miles away, North Korea has been building new facilities that appear to be either another missile base or an expansion of the Yeongjeo-dong facility, said the Middlebury analysis, first reported by CNN.

The U.S. Embassy in Seoul declined to comment.

6 thoughts on “North Korea Expands Long-Range Missile Program; Still Building Nukes”

  1. Pardon my frustration: Ok, the NoKos are not being good guys and might pose a real threat to the USA. What would anyone expect President Trump to do about that – nuke the NoKos in a preemptive strike, issue a strongly-worded letter advising they are out-of-order, or what?
    At this point of his Presidency, he can’t get qualified jurists appointed, he can’t get the border secured against a foreign invasion, he’s facing opposition of everything he thinks or hopes will advance everyone in our country by anti-Trump forces from both sides of the aisle in Congress. There is Mueller taking sniper shots at everyone MrTrump knows or is related to by marriage or blood, no one in the MSM is willing to allow that MrTrump is NOT the Devil or the new Hitler, and yet we see dangers in the world that require the POTUS be supported by everyone in keeping us safe.

    After skimming the headlines of our MSM and different websites, we find that MrTrump wanted to be President so he could get richer, that his children are evil doers, that only Obama and the Bushs’ were legitimate Presidents, and it’s all so depressingly negative and wrong.
    The NoKos are making themselves targets in a world that has passed them by years ago. The current regime can’t be reasoned with when they feel their power is supported by the terrifying threats of nuclear devastation and nothing else.

  2. Calm down.

    First they have to prove they can actually launch a true Intercontinental ballistic missile, not some piece of crap that can’t fly further than Japan before falling into the Pacific.

    Second, unlike the NORKS, we’re not “working on nuclear missile technology”. If you don’t think we have Ohio class boomers sitting off Korea in the Sea of Japan, with 24 armed nukes each, targeted to escort BadHaircut Fat Boy and his minions to meet their Creator in about 30 minutes, your not thinking.

  3. So this think tank has all the info — what? — From Google Earth? And the US military — with it’s $700+ Billion annual budget — can only muster what? Some dude with a Cessna 2-seater and a Kodak Instamatic camera taking pictures on a rainy day?

    Trump et al know the serial number on the shovel — the one leaning against a tree with a 14.342 inch Diameter trunk — right by the cigarette butt — with only 93.4343% smoked.

    We might not be doing something with the data — can agree to that — but we sure as hell know exactly what we are seeing there.

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