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Video || Awkward Handshakes Between Trump and the Obamas at Bush Funeral

President Trump enters and must sit next to the Obamas and the Clintons. He shakes hands with the Obamas, with Mrs. Obama having a look of force politeness on her face. The Clintons do not shake his hand, and though the announcer says otherwise, it appears to me Hillary Clinton acknowledges Melania but not the president.

13 thoughts on “Video || Awkward Handshakes Between Trump and the Obamas at Bush Funeral”

  1. In all fairness to Hillary (I don’t believe I’m saying this), but for President Trump to reach any further down the row to Jimmy Carter, WOULD be excessively awkward. I’m sure they greeted each other at some point before or after the service.

      1. Maybe hold off on advising a racist from sweeping their sentiments under the rug? Doing so only enables the smarter ones to continue denying the problem is real.

      2. HAHA…I use the term “uppity” because it so non-PC, and makes all the racist-liberal ‘snowflakes’ heads explode!!! :-)

    1. Agree. Usually a polite little smile is given to other mourners, shake the hand, kiss the air, a nod, nothing much.
      When you have political enemies, that they didn’t stab each other with a sharp blade is civility.

  2. Trump looked so out of place! It was very gracious of the Obamas to acknowledge someone who has been so nasty to them.
    And just look at Trumps posture – like he is sitting on a toilet seat. YUCK!

    1. Uh-huh. Obama blames Bush for anything and everything that went wrong during his eight years and is now taking credit for Trump’s successes … but it’s Trump who’s being nasty.

      You people are mental.

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