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Trump Suddenly Ready to Cut Military Spending

Excuse me, what’s going on here?

The Chinese are rapidly expanding their military capabilities and projecting their power around the world. Before you know it, we won’t be able to defend Taiwan, and all of our allies in Asia will be threatened.

China with its One Belt, One Road is spreading its economic tentacles all over the world, making other nations dependent and enforcing this with its expanding military. Russia is also a growing threat.

I’m no Neocon or foreign adventurist, but we have interests overseas that affect out economy and we have to defend them, and our allies.

Trump wants to cut some $30 billion from proposed spending for next year. This after Obama’s damaging cuts that have harmed our fighting men and women. I hope Trump is engaged in some kind of bargaining ploy, because otherwise, I don’t get it.

7 Responses to Trump Suddenly Ready to Cut Military Spending

  1. Best guess: MrTrump is telling the Pentagon to tighten up the budgets and eliminate the waste or perks. Or, he really wants a halt to the escalation of weapons by the major nations.
    Either way, it’s always a good idea to wait and see what he does, not what he says.

  2. I suspect it’s some sort bargaining chip or, as srdem notes, eliminating waste where possible. But, we’ll see. Interesting move on Trump’s part. He’s a great political chess player, (Hillary might agree) anticipating what the board might look like ten moves ahead and this might be part of his strategy.

  3. About the Chinese. On the way back to China President XI stopped over in Panama. Panama dispatched 2,500 security agents to protect him. He and President Varela of Panama signed 19 agreements. The Chinese will build the 4th bridge across the canal. Cost $1.4 billion. Spain came in second with $1.8 billion. It will be 6 auto lanes and one rail line. The Americans built the first bridge in 1961 at a cost of $60 million. Panama’s position is she will be neutral. She plans to deal with China, the US and all others. Sec. of State recently visited Varela and told him China was predatory.

    China is also taking about putting in a high speed rail line from Panama City to Costa Rica. Varela is from a wealthy rum family. He went to Georgia Tech.

  4. Let’s see- U.S. military budget ($716B), and we cut $30B.
    China’s military budget ($146B) and they cut $30B
    Russia’s military budget ($70B) and they cut $30B.
    I think we’d still be ahead of the game.

  5. Maybe Trump is finally getting us out of this no-win quagmire in Afghanistan which costs us $45 billion a year. Could be that’s where the $30 billion is coming from. If so, that is a good start. The time to stop fighting for worthless patches of dirt in that hell hole is long past.

  6. I say wait and see. Could have something to do with that Pentagon spending testing they failed recently. They did say they expected to fail the first time.