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Trump Makes Nice with the Bushes

President Trump has been remarkably restrained and “presidential” with respect to the death of George H.W. Bush, doing his best to make nice with the Bushes.

Of course, he killed Jeb Bush during the campaign, rhetorically and at the ballot box, and the Bushes represent the establishment, Rockefeller Republicanism that Trump – and Ronald Reagan – stand and stood against.

But the for the funeral, everyone’s on their best behavior. The Bushes have, because they are classy people, not only invited the president to the ceremony but insisted that it will not be a festival of Trump bashing.

The Bush family will even meet with Trump privately, which will be awkward.

Anyway, a little unity is nice for the country. But while they Bushes are doing the right thing, and Trump is too, it’s worth remembering that everyone hates each other, and we’ll soon be hearing from various Bushes about Trump’s faults, with the suggestion that things would have been so much better under Jeb.

9 thoughts on “Trump Makes Nice with the Bushes”

  1. JEB! was a loser. He would have been destroyed by the Clinton machine and the lack of support from the Repubs. MrTrump did him a favor- he let JEB! blame his loss on a meanie instead of the voters.

    If anyone has a right to feel insulted, it’s Donald Trump, not the Bush family. If MrTrump was the man they think he is, he would have allowed as little government assistance as possible.

  2. I wonder if Jeb, George W, and George HW ever felt or feel bad when they see all that President Trump has accomplished in such a short time and most of the accomplishments are things that they should have, could have, and would have done if they had the ……well I’ll let you fill in the last word.

    1. There’s no doubt in my mind the Bushes carry enormous resentment toward Trump for his accomplishments. They could have achieved much the same, but they had an entirely different agenda then does Trump. Sad but true.

  3. At the end of the day – the Bush family and the Trump family are hard working people and devoted to their families. I can’t imagine the Bush family having the service any other way. They understand politics and they know that as much heat as Jeb took during the last presidential election, both of them were exposed to similar treatment – H.W.from the Clinton people and George W from the Kerry people. No politician is pure as the driven snow when it comes to getting elected.

    This obsession with the “Bush” family letting or indicating they wanted Trump at the funeral is tiresome. Let it go.

  4. “What you are seeing and what you are reading is not what’s happening.”

    Don’t trust what you see with your own eyes — they lie to you.

    RIP and God bless 41.

  5. Trump is doing it for the Presidency. Obama’s bad example and the MSM got the Bushes to trash Trump while he is President. I will not forget that and neither will Trump, but he is affirming the value that the Presidency deserves respectful actions.

    Trump really loves our nation. How fortunate we are that this brilliant man decided to spend his 70s being trashed and thwarted in a fight against the Deep Swamp that has been making our nation their own.

  6. Trump was told month’s ago that HW Bush wanted him invited. They are honoring his wishes. Trump has been gracious as p9ssible to the family.
    They want the funeral to be only about #41. Not like the McCain funeral. HW had a lot of input into this service. The reason Trump is not giving a speech is because they uniquely have a President #43 who will do it according to Jeb.

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