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Media, Dems Waste Little Time Using Bush’s Death to Smack Trump

From a piece I have running today in the Washington Examiner:

Wasting little time to score political and rhetorical points, Democrats and members of the mainstream media are using the death of George H.W. Bush to assail a president they despise and who also happens to be Bush’s temperamental opposite, President Trump.

Already, the comparisons, in which Trump is found deeply wanting, are roaring in. The theme is consistent: Bush was reasonable, prudent, bipartisan, decent, honorable, and pursued wise policies; Trump, none of the above.

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty, handed the job of writing the official Post obituary — which appears in the “news” section — provided an only slightly veiled dig at the current Twitter-happy president: “Although Mr. Bush served as president three decades ago, his values and ethic seem centuries removed from today’s acrid political culture. His currency of personal connection was the handwritten letter — not the social media blast.”

You can read the rest of my article here.

37 thoughts on “Media, Dems Waste Little Time Using Bush’s Death to Smack Trump”

  1. Cuomo’s and Schumer’s statements weren’t subtle at all in contrasting Bush and Trump. Although their hatred for Trump is off the rails, the Dems never liked Reagan or Bush 41, and called GW a dictator and Hitler, etc.

    Shameful hypocrites.


      1. Why are you yelling? And how does your wildy-biased interpretation of these politics compare to Obama’s hot-mic moment where he promised personal side-deals with Russia? You, sir, have a kool-aid mustache.

        1. Obama wasn’t selling out America for an apartment building. Why do you think Trump doesn’t want to show his taxes? How greedy do you have to be to betray your country for an apartment building?

          Trump literally promised everything and anything to the Russians in exchange for money for himself expecting he wasn’t gonna win the presidency so he could go back to the Russians and say “see, I did my part, now pay up” but little did he know that the Russians would do everything in their power to get him the win. That coupled with Hillary’s arrogance got trump the win at the expense of the American People. Now we have Putin with leverage over trump and a sort of defacto president.

          1. EBeag – your interpretations are ridiculous. Go look at the Clinton Foundation if you want some real, true outrageous events that need your energy and passion to publicize.

      2. Her Majesty, HRC, while SOS, made it possible for the Russians to purchase 20% of America’s uranium.
        Bill the Molster, gave a $500,00 or more speech in Russia after that deal.
        Iranians get to build a nuclear weapon, thanks Ozero and HRC.
        But President Trump wanted to build a hotel in Russia.

        Selective amnesia seems to be the course for today.

        1. What you lot can’t seem to get through your skulls is that Trump tried to personally profit from this. He was and is willing to change foreign policy that can detrimentally hurt the US just so HE can make money. Not the USA, but for him. You know who else does that? Corrupt and developing countries around the world. We’re the USA and not those countries. How would it look like for us to then expect elected officials to rob the country for their own personal gain? Should I run for mayor/governor, change laws so that I can personally make money off of it?! Would I have your support then, if I say I’m a Trump supporter?

          1. I don’t like Hillary but the clinton foundation is a nonprofit whose financials are public. She released all her Taxes going back decades. If there were any irregularities, it would’ve been caught by now.

            But Trump refuses to release his taxes. WHY? If this Russian Real Estate deal were legal, WHY DID EVERYONE LIE ABOUT IT!? You have over 30 people who have been charged so far in this investigation. THIRTY! And a few dozen sealed indictments that haven’t been unsealed yet.

            But no one here is accepting of the facts so far. Instead of accepting that Trump is indeed a grifter and conman, stealing millions of dollars from the gov’t, everyone cries BUT CLINTON! So what I’m hearing is that it’s ok for Trump to steal and defraud the US Government and steal from all of us b/c you all think Hillary did it. Hell, for good measure you’ll say Obama did something.

            This all reminds me when everyone here loved to make a big stink about Obama golfing saying he golfs too much, goes on vacation too much, yadda yadda. But Trump has already golfed in 2 years, what Obama golfed in 8 YEARS! In fact Trump has been golfing or on vacation nearly a third of his entire presidency. But now it’s ok to go golfing?

            My point is that you all are inconsistent. Just a few months ago, you all said this whole Russia thing was a hoax. Now that you can’t say that, you’re saying it’s not illegal. What are you gonna say next week, when more facts come out? It’s ok to repeatedly lie to the American people? It’s ok to steal? It’s ok to sell out America?

            I’ll say that you all should get very comfortable with RiCo statutes, because that’s what’s coming. This investigation is very close to concluding with charges against the entire Trump clan with criminal conspiracy to defraud the united states with additional racketeering charges. Basically, this is a Mob case.

      3. I guess you missed Obama’s open mic comment to Dimitri, telling him that “he would have more flexibility” for Vlad (after his re-election). Then there was the 20% of our Uranium handed to the Russians, coincidence? NO!

        1. Lady,

          Did Obama personally make money off this deal? NO. Why can’t anyone hear learn how to use Google. It’s free. It’s as if you latch on to these conspiracy theories because it makes complex ideas much more simple for you to understand.

          Frank Giustra, the founder of the uranium company in Canada was the biggest contributor the the Clinton Foundation started by Bill Clinton, not Hillary. But Giustra sold his stake in the company back in 2007, three years before the uranium/Russia deal and a year and a half before Hillary Clinton became secretary of state.

          SO I’d suggest before anyone else spews that uranium one nonsense, look up the details of it and then talk instead of being lemmings falling off the cliff of stupidity…

        1. It was multiple real estate dealing plus a percentage of rosneft. You really got to read the news and not one of those email chains that start off with FWD:RE:FWD: You won’t believe what Obama just did!

          It’s well known that Trump has been money laundering for the Russians for decades now. He was planning to sell each apt in the tower for upwards of $200 million each.

          Don’t worry. This will come out this week or the next. You can cover your ears and close your eyes and pretend it’s not real! See you at the sentencing!

  2. Your last paragraph is a zinger- but true.

    Even while they moan about the loss of the genteel and kind President, they themselves are brash, vicious, and looking for destruction of the Presidency by rumor and innuendo.

      1. EBeag – your interpretations are ridiculous. Go look at the Clinton Foundation if you want some real, true outrageous events that need your energy and passion to publicize.

        1. Oh darn. The website said I had posted the same comment twice, I clicked on “back.” and it had moved me to this new comment, so now I somehow have the comment under the wrong remark. I screwed up — sorry, Keith.

  3. And yet, when H.W. Bush was in office, I remember clearly that the corporate media called him clumsy, buffoonish, clueless and more or less unworthy of being President (just as they described Reagan also, of course). For corporate media and the fanatic Lefties and Congressional Democrats, the only good Republican President is a dead one. Then the praise (hollow as it is from them) flows for a day or two.

      1. Yep, they did and the praise came fairly soon after he passed. But, as you say, when Reagan was President the media and Democrats treated him 24/7 like an idiot who accidentally got elected President. Then, as now, the corporate media plays off the score written by the fanatic Democrats re Republican Presidents.

  4. Spot on, Keith! One thing I appreciate is that the Bush family will ensure this is a proper funeral, not a political event which unfortunately was the case with McCain.

    1. What makes you think this? The Bushes were tasteless enough to openly criticize the current President. I fear their RINO impulses will lead them to use the funeral.

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  6. Watching Sen. Mark Warner, one of the lead dogs pulling the “Let’s Destroy President Trump” sled through the political tundra, on Face The Nation this morning. He lays out insinuations, “could be’s,” “might have met”, “could have happened” charges against Trump and company in order to destroy them. None of the charges truly substantiated, verified, proven or validly corroborated. I give credit to the host, Margaret Brennan, who tried to get the hapless Warner to prove his claims, and show some evidence. He could not do so, of course. To tell the truth, he didn’t come off as though he himself actually believed the nonsense he was spouting. He was just being a good fanatic Democrat trying to destroy the Trump presidency. Lots of that going around these days.

    1. My hope is that the farther off the rails the left media gets, the more people will wake up. So yes, Rage! Rage! Stick it to the man!

  7. From Reagen through B.O., my vote was cast for 3rd party candidates because they (the 3rd partiers) were outside the ‘global’ working of antiChrist. Such is how I perceived Trump in 2016 AD. & voted for him. The former presidents are not missed- except Nixon.

  8. The media is all touchy-feely with Bush now. When he was President and during the 88 and 92 campaigns they acted like he was the creature from the (trigger warning!) black lagoon.

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