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Honduran Murderer Traveling with Caravan is Arrested

These caravans are beginning to look more and more like what President Trump said there were – an invasion featuring scores of criminals.

And it wasn’t just a political tool, as the MSM and Democrats claimed. We’re still talking about it well after Election Day.

According to the Washington Examiner:

A convicted murderer from Honduras was arrested by U.S. Border Patrol Saturday after he attempted to illegally enter San Diego from Tijuana with other members of the migrant caravan, according to the Homeland Security department.

Last Saturday, Nov. 24, agents caught three people who had just crossed the border one mile east of the San Ysidro port of entry.

The three men — ages 22, 38, and 46 — were taken to a nearby Border Patrol station for processing. One of the men, Miguel Angel Ramirez, told agents he had traveled from his home country of Honduras with the migrant caravan, according to a Customs and Border Protection report on the arrest.

DHS press secretary Tyler Q. Houlton said Ramirez is one of 600 convicted criminals in the 10,000-person caravan.

5 Responses to Honduran Murderer Traveling with Caravan is Arrested

  1. Of course there are felons, bad actors, liars, thieves, sexual offenders, etc. among the mob sitting at our border. We’d find the same for any 10,000 people in a random group. If we’re lucky, the bad dudes will end up in a lovely California sanctuary city where the locals can enjoy their presence.
    What worries us more than that is the physical condition of more than 2,000 of them. Reports are that they are ill with contagious diseases, TB, HIV/AIDS, lice, and any number of illnesses. Lice?!! Geez.
    Aside from even the horrors of a viral illness affecting American citizens, is the knowledge that hardly any of them can read or write their own language, have no marketable skills for today’s business needs, and will just be another drag on our welfare safety nets and our medical facilities.

  2. 600 out of 10,000, thus far — 1 in every 20. More than 5 percent. Thus far. Do we think all have been identified.

    I don’t care how many lovely individuals are in this funded invasion. They are all lawbreakers and should not be allowed into our nation.

    The idea that there are “good” illegals promotes a flow of Interlopers that includes more serious lawbreakers.

  3. The major of Tijuana is not happy about the Caravan people as are 7 out of 10 Mexico citizens. The mayor said it is costing the city $25,000 a day to deal with them. They are running out of money. The mayor went on to say the real criminals are those who organized the Caravan.

    Some want to bring them in and put them in a detention camp. My question is who pays? Who will pay the long term care of Zika babies born. Would they be an American citizens?

    I have all the questions and none of the answers.