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Trump: Mueller Has Wasted $40 Million

President Trump Thursday morning attacked special prosecutor Robert Mueller, charging him with running through $40 million in taxpayer money only to find nothing.

Trump has a point. If this massive probe ends up being only about a few corruption charges by private citizens, it’s exactly the problem with special prosecutors: Endless resources to find crimes. Which, with endless resources, you eventually find. A pure corruption of our judicial system.

The state should never use unlimited funds to go after people. That is what happens in dictatorships, not republics. But of course – gosh, I forgot – Trump is the dictator. That’s the MSM’S assumption, that only he can be guilty of abusing power. But there could be a much worse abuse occurring.

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11 Responses to Trump: Mueller Has Wasted $40 Million

  1. On Nov 28th, trump said the Mueller investigation cost $30 million. Than the next day it’s $40 million. What’s it gonna be tomorrow, $100 million?. Why does anyone believe what he says?

    While repeatedly lying to this nation the Republican presidential candidate was secretly planning to exchange gifts for contracts with a foreign leader who ordered an attack on this nation to ensure a Trump win. That is a high crime and treason.

    People who cooperate with prosecutors are “weak.” People who don’t are “brave.”
    So says the President of the United States.
    Think about that. You guys are blindly following a wannabe mobster and traitor to the US. How can you live with yourselves?

    • It’s interesting to see a viewpoint so far from what most of the participants in these discussions have. Gives an insight into the thoughts of the anti-Trump crowd.

      • Why not focus on what was said and not who said it? Oh because you do as dear leader says.

        This time next month, you’ll be saying so what if Trump sold American secrets to enrich himself. Everyone knew about it. And then when his tax returns are released and show that he in fact is not a billionaire and owes massive amount of money to many unsavory characters, you’re gonna say what?

          • Talking points to you but treason to the court of law. I’ll take my chance with the court system instead of relying on what you have to say. It’s incredible to see someone unable to see the reality even when it’s staring at them in the face. I guess once you’re in a cult, it’s hard to see what’s what. Good luck to you! When your world begins to shatter in about a month from now when more info comes out, you can blame the “iluminati” or the “deep state” or “Soros” or “Globalists”

  2. As usual, the Progs have it set up so they can’t lose: Trump shuts them down — “He shut down the investigation because Mueller had stuff on him!” He doesn’t shut them down: years of investigations, allegations, and trumpeting of their capture of anyone who fell into their arena of interest.

    When have we officially become a third-world nation politically?