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Trump Belies Claims He is Destroying the Free Press

If you listen to the media whine, you’d think President Trump was over at the National Archives snipping the First Amendment out of the Constitution so that he could flush it down a toilet back at the White House.

And yet, and yet. Why do the navel-gazing media never report that this is by far the most accessible president in modern history? He even exceeds Bill Clinton, whom I covered, and who was constantly in search of attention, particularly in the waning days of his presidency when he knew it would soon be over.

Not only did CNN’s Jim Acosta, who was correctly thrown out of the White House for not being able to obey simple rules of decorum, permitted to ask three questions at Tuesday’s briefing. But both the Washington Post, which is relentlessly biased against Trump in its coverage of the president and Politico, which is just a little less relentlessly biased in is its coverage of the president, got exclusive interviews with Trump.

Meantime, he pretty much never steps outside the door of the White House without answering reporters’ questions. Never seen anything like it. Not to mention a lengthy press conference earlier this month with dozens of questions.

First Amendment seems pretty safe, despite all the bitching and moaning.

5 thoughts on “Trump Belies Claims He is Destroying the Free Press”

  1. It’s no secret that the anti-Trump cable TV news is not the public’s go-to for anything. Their ratings are always in the pathetic zone, but they do serve a purpose, even if it’s negative.
    No President in modern times was like Donald Trump, and no President in the future will be able to avoid the Press because of the precedent MrTrump has set for access.
    One of the interesting effects of the Trump presidency is that other very wealthy men (no women-yet) think that money is what will get them elected to the White House. Another effect is the belief by well-known entertainers that their fame makes their opinions important to the electorate.
    The anti-Trump press believes their constant attacks on anything that MrTrump does or says will eventually turn his supporters against him.

    1. True about the present day entertainers. I do not not agree with Barbara Streisand yet I love to hear her sing.

      Dolly Parton has it right. She said she has her ideas about people and issues yet she keeps it to herself. She says she is there in entertain.
      To this day I have no idea about the politics of the old time entertainers such as Carol Burnet and her gang, Red Shelton, Jimmy Durante, the Laugh In group, Gilda Radner.

  2. If Trump was actually destroying a free press, we wouldn’t be subjected to their non-stop whining about all things Trump.

    Yet, here we are ….

  3. Much of the corporate media is destroying itself. Biased reporting, promoting one issue over another issue, carefully selected interviewees supporting a particular viewpoint, highly opinionated news anchors delivering a biased view of current events and pretending it’s all “news”, “news panels” telling us how awful Trump, Conservatives and Republicans are, etc. etc. etc. Thoughtful people are sick and tired of it all and are switching it off.

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