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MSNBC: Most in Caravan are Men Seeking Work

An honest MSNBC reporter notes that the majority of caravan members are men, and that they’re not looking for asylum, they’re driven by economic need.

17 Responses to MSNBC: Most in Caravan are Men Seeking Work

  1. Would you expect otherwise? The brother of the Honduran President has been charged with trafficking in drugs. I would think the president would know what his brother was doing. The leaders are there for power and money. Not to serve their people.

    Has anyone seen an update about the Haitians in Tijuana? They were not allowed to enter the US and have decided to make the most of it in Mexico. Here is a May article.


  2. I have another comment about this. Geraldo says we should show compassion for the caravan people. We are not treating them like humans. He also claims there are about 6 million labors needed for agricultural work. If so, then we need to see if a new Bracero program might work. Here it is when established in 1942. It might bring on a set of problems. It will also say to those receiving government hand outs that they are not required to work.

  3. Work? Uneducated, unskilled, Spanish speaking only, and they think there are jobs waiting for them in 2018, in California.
    Little do they know they are trading their poverty status in their homeland to a poverty status in a foreign country.

    • Yes, they showed a couple from Central America who were leery of Trump. They sold everything and bought tickets to Spain. They have a newborn. They are dead broke and stuck in Spain.

      Central America has always relied on agricultural crops such as coffee, sugar cane and cotton. All of these require manual labor. The governments do not put much money into education. When Somosa was dictator of Nicaragua he was asked about why he did not do more for the educational system. He replied he did not want strong minds. He wanted strong backs.

    • Spanish speaking only is becoming a way to reserve jobs for Latinos. English speaking Americans can’t work with fellow employees because it’s a Spanish only crew. Bye-bye, American hiring.

  4. You know, if they can put together an army to overrun the American border, why can’t they put together an army to overrun the cartels that are screwing over their own countries?they

    Asking for a friend.

  5. Not “economic need,” but “economic desire.” There is work in the home countries, but being slave labor under the table in the U.S. is much more profitable than working at home. Read Hellman’s book, “The World of Mexican Migrants: The Rock and the Hard Place.” Hellman is a supporter of illegal immigration and boasts the she got on interviewee a better illegal job, BUT her book shows that all come to take advantage of the exchange rate, some are earning money to add a porch to their house back home, some of the women enjoy being out from under mother-in-law’s thumb, etc.

    If these people were desperate for work for food, they wouldn’t look so well fed. They simply have an economic desire to steal jobs in the U.S.

    The time has come to expose, prosecute, and punish those Americans who hire illegals. If their business can’t survive without slave labor, then their business needs to close, but I think they have gotten used to low-cost labor and could reduce their profits and survive without major changes.

  6. Wanting our jobs is not a legitimate reason for asylum. These invaders just want a wealthy government to support them. Go home and sponge off your own government. Better yet go home and fix your own country.

  7. The setting looks alot like a ‘people’s fair’ with all the food & drink stands & port-o-lets. All they need are a supply of soccer balls & life is good.