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Video || Acosta Gets THREE Questions at the White House Briefing

Maybe he was disappointed at the lack of a confrontation. But maybe not. I think he knows President Trump well enough to understand that if he pulls another stunt, he will be banned, permanently.

4 thoughts on “Video || Acosta Gets THREE Questions at the White House Briefing”

  1. Acosta will pretend he’s a normal, well adjusted person for a little while. But very soon, the craziness and goofy behavior he’s displayed all these years at these press conferences will explode and make another mess all over the place. It’s who he is. It’s in his genes. Look at his eyes and watch his body language. You can see the craziness right there in plain view.

  2. No proof – but in spite of CNN supporting him publicly and filing suit against the President’s actions pulling his pass, I imagine Mr. Acosta was told by his employer in not so nice terms to knock it off. We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. Employers may support you publicly but there is usually a coming to your senses meeting behind closed doors when they know you are out of line. Even CNN.

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