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Trump Schedule || Saturday, November 17, 2018

7:00 am || Departs White House
9:45 am || Arrives Beale Air Force Base, California
2:25 am || Arrives White House

President Trump Saturday will visit with victims of the California forest fires

All times Eastern except as noted

8 Responses to Trump Schedule || Saturday, November 17, 2018

  1. He gave a nice questions and answers before he boarded the helicopter. I hope Acosta does not do an invasion of future “mini” press briefings like this morning’s.

  2. The California wild fires are tragic for a lot of reasons- most of them man-made, or rather man-ignored.
    Lives lost, homes and businesses gone, and a population choking on smoke and ash.
    Good grief.
    Kudos to PresidentTrump for traveling out to see for himself, and kudos for GovBrown for meeting him.

  3. Phenomenal President. But I always knew that . Thank the heavens that my big 4 prevailed Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott and most of all Brian Kemp in my Georgia. Marxism does not rule!

  4. Trump literally went to California and blamed the people, while people were still mourning and fighting the fires. Goes on a nonsensical rant about raking the floor. Who does that?

    Same with the synagogue massacres. He blames the victims. He doesn’t have one empathetic bone in his body. Not one. The sooner people realize he doesn’t care about anyone except himself and some of his kids, the better we’d be. He certainly doesn’t care for any of his wives…Case in point – Sleeping with multiple women, including a stripper, right after his last son was born