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Trump Endorses Sentencing Reform – But Press Doesn’t Care Because He’s “a Racist”

President Trump Tuesday endorsed the “First Step Act,” a measure that would overhaul sentencing laws and disproportionately benefit African Americans, and while the press dutifully reported on it, no one in the MSM that I saw presented the move as perhaps belying claims that Trump is a racist.

And it’s mostly not highlighted in on news websites this morning. The New York Times does have it near the top but mentions Trump’s role almost in passing. Axios suggested Trump was dragged kicking and screaming into supporting the proposal.

Trump said during an event at the White House:

Today, I’m thrilled to announce my support for this bipartisan bill that will make our communities safer and give former inmates a second chance at life after they have served their time. So important . . .

And we’re all better off when former inmates can receive and reenter society as law-abiding, productive citizens. And thanks to our booming economy, they now have a chance at more opportunities than they’ve ever had before. It is true. Our economy is so strong, that when people are getting out of jail, they’re actually able to find jobs.

And I have three instances of companies that hired people coming out of prison, and they are so thrilled by the performance of these people. And now they’re doing it more and more and more. And a lot of people are seeing this. It’s great . . .

Our pledge to hire American includes those leaving prison and looking for a very fresh start — new job, new life.

In polite society, you can’t say Trump does anything beneficial for black people. No matter that he supports sentencing reform and regularly meets with African American groups. But if Trump reacts poorly to three African American reporters, two of whom asked questions that focused on the idea that he and Republicans are allegedly racists, that gets tons of press.

One person on the left, Van Jones, gave Trump some credit. I kind of like Van Jones. He’s very liberal, but he’s smart, he seems to actually care about issues at least as much as he cares about promoting himself, and he’s an iconoclast, not always in line with the MSM herd of sheep.

18 Responses to Trump Endorses Sentencing Reform – But Press Doesn’t Care Because He’s “a Racist”

  1. People who are sent to prison for drug use, drinking while driving, prostitution and other non-violent crimes seem to get long sentences.
    Any prison sentencing reform always seems to involve Blacks forgetting that Hispanics commit violent crimes, too.
    I’m conflicted about long sentences and even the death penalty – no criminal has hurt anyone I care about. If someone I loved was hurt or killed by someone, I might want the court to throw them into prison until they die or even offer to inject them with poison myself.
    I guess what we need to decide is what is a real crime against “society”. Is a prostitute committing a crime if she gives someone what he paid for, or is a drug addict someone who needs help rather than a prison term – I don’t have answers.
    I give MrTrump credit for trying to right what he sees as wrong, but he will never get the praise from the MSM.

  2. People keep saying that current sentences disproportionately affect AfAms, but I never read how this is the case. Arguments about non-violent drug crimes don’t impress me because drug dealing is just murder over a length of time. The absence of physical violence means nothing.

  3. OT: I’ve been watching France 24. They showed a press conference with UK’s PM May. Their reporters were respectful. She is trying to get the Parliament to approve Brexit. These is UK’s exit from the EU. She said her approach is to put national interest first. France and Germany have not labeled her a nationalist. They have approved the deal. May is having problems with her opposition. Three cabinet members quit today.

    Al Jazeera ad France 24 are still reporting on the Khashoggi murder.

    • I like France24 very much. Unlike the Anti-Trump US media, they report, in a pretty fair manner, what’s going on around the world–including the US— in a way that informs, and doesn’t propagandized one way or the other. US media, by comparison, doesn’t report much (or credibly) on the world situation. What they do report on about international affairs is soaked with an anti-Trump bias (e.g. Trump’s policies are causing the catastrophe in XYZ country, that sort of reporting). I’ve turned off US TV network news completely and rely on honest reporting and analysis from a number of blogs I have learned to trust.

  4. I don’t profess to know the solutions to reversing the cycle of repetitive incarcerations, but in California because the prisons are overcrowded people who are violent felons can be released early. I believe everyone deserves another chance and if this first step will assist those are not violent criminals avoid prison time and they prove they can lead productive lives then go for it. Talked to a doctor the other evening and he was very blunt. Our discussion revolved more around people who have children who shouldn’t, he believes until as a society we start to make hard choices (tough love), the cycle will not change. The kids of those environments are prime for ending up in the prison system.

  5. From personal family experience, not all people who are sentenced to prison are future failures.
    I’m glad President Trump can see this in an unbiased way.
    Our family member re-entered society and has been a good, law abiding citizen; happily married with children he adores.
    I get quite exasperated with snobby people who truly and vocally believe that once imprisoned equals a life of failures.

  6. Why is it okay to be a criminal as long as you aren’t violent? Is violence really the place where we want to divide the sheep from the goats? Or is the idea that “nonviolent” crime isn’t all that bad a way to let loose drug dealers and drug enforcers, etc., with a slap on the wrist that doesn’t stigmatize them for what they have done?

    To me, selling people illegal drugs IS murder over the long-term — whether they die of an overdose, some drugs diluted with deadly crap, or they simply make everyone’s lives miserable through theft and public intoxication until they finally die from years of self-poisoning. Why is it okay to participate in the criminal activity that enables these sad outcomes by selling the addictive poison that fuels them?

    • We are evolving into a lawless society. Federal immigration laws are completely ignored; millions of illegal aliens roam our country with impunity. Now we decide to tell court-convicted prisoners that all is forgiven, you don’t have to serve your sentence, and there are scads of tax-paid workers out there to assist you in your rehabilitation.

  7. There are two programs working with youth which should be replicated.

    At Wheatley High School, a big black school in Houston, the kids have a parent who is in prison, has been to prison or on the way to prison. The parents tell their children they (themselves) are bad and the kids will be bad too. A teacher tells the kids not so. They don’t have to turn out like their parent. She has made them believe in themselves. Most want to go on to college.
    The teacher also talks to the parents and scolded them about being negative.

    At Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami there is an RN who works with the juvenile court.
    She has the judge assign the at risk kids o her. The kids could go either way. She takes the kids to the hospital and shows them a young person who is paralyzed by a bullet. As part of her program the kids are required to go to the morgue to see a kid killed by gunshot. If a kid refuses to go they are sent back to the judge.

    Programs need to be developed to help the youth for going to prison in the first place.

    • Well the best way to keep kids out of the prison system is an intact family but we long ago gave that authority away to government schools. Now we are playing catch up and “programs” will never replace families. Way to go LBJ!

  8. Wonderful! Now that Trump has sided with the Koch Brothers, George Soros, Tom Styer and his liberal daughter and son-in-law we can look forward to masses of released prisoners to enjoin with the millions of illegal aliens. Just how are millions of criminals (legal and illegal) going to benefit our country? We already pay hundreds of billions of dollars a year for services provided to illegal aliens, now we will replace the cost of incarcerating prisoners with the cost of rehabilitating them.

  9. I hate to sound cynical, but:

    Given the way the fifth columnists of the fourth estate reflexively say he’s wrong in everything he says, I wonder what the press would do if PDJT warned against the dangers of self-inflicted gunshots.

  10. Trump could walk on water, and the press would wonder if there is dog poo on his shoes….
    He will never be forgiven for beating their chosen one…