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Video: Caravan is Well-Funded, Well-Organized Group of Male Economic Migrants

A new video by conservative documentary maker Ami Horowitz shows that the caravan is not just a group of oppressed families struggling alone toward the border.

18 Responses to Video: Caravan is Well-Funded, Well-Organized Group of Male Economic Migrants

  1. Saw this on Tucker’s show last night. Tucker and Ami could not say who was backing this financially except an open borders group. Who funds them? Soros, Steyr, Pelosi, Schumer, DNC???

  2. Jobs? what jobs do they think await them here?
    They don’t speak English, most are poorly educated, if at all, have no idea what our laws are concerning anything and everything, and where do they think they will live once here?

    Most of them are simply moving from one poverty area to another, thousands of miles away from their homeland. They have been sold on something promised that won’t happen or appear for them.

    • There are enclaves now where Spanish is the required language. Do you think that if an employer has 20 illegals who speak only Spanish, he/she is going to care if the new illegal doesn’t speak English?

      This is also a way that the illegals protect their jobs and preserve new ones for their just arrived illegal family members.

      I read recently where a latino woman declared that there is no reason to learn English, one can live perfectly comfortably with only Spanish because all the signs are now bilingual and all the businesses offer Spanish options on the phone

      By foot and by womb, they have conquered us.

  3. Re: Funding question

    Non Profits are required to file Form 990 withe IRS. I have search and searched and have been unable to find a filing from Puelbo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders).

    • They are likely not a 501(c)3, 4, 7…whatever. It appears that they are “affiliated” with La Familia Latina Unida, a 501(c)4, which is “affiliated” with Centro Sin Fronteras, a 501(c)3. They were founded by Elvira Arellano, an illegal immigrant…someone explain how that happens…The Public Welfare Foundation is a major funder of the group…From there I’m having a hard time seeing where they get their money from…
      Bottom line is that it is pretty much a legal money laundering arrangement…

  4. The corporate media still, even now, wants us to believe that this caravan is spontaneous, impromptu, extemporaneous, uncontrived, vaguely disorganized. Could they be lying and purposely misleading their readers and TV news viewers? Could such a thing be the case? ;+}

  5. This caravan is an organized army bent on invading the U.S. By foot and by womb, they will conquer us.

    How clever to create an army that has few guns and will simply rush to conquer what it wants, knowing its enemy is crippled by it civilized standards of behavior.

  6. The caravan’s clothing gives them away. Bright, flashy sports clothes that look very new. Healthy young men acting as if they are headed to a picnic. And all those expensive looking new vehicles that precede them or haul them are impressive too. Maybe they are getting paid like the recent crop of ‘protestors’ hanging around ONC (Our Nation’s Capitol). Quite a few of these people are obviously obese. We don’t need any help kicking up our statics on that matter.