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Video || Caravan Reaches Border, Starts Climbing the Fence

They’re here! The first few, anyway.

Wait a second. I thought they were going to politely turn themselves in to the proper checkpoints and seek asylum?

H/T Washington Examiner.

10 Responses to Video || Caravan Reaches Border, Starts Climbing the Fence

  1. I’ve been reading that there are more illegals crossing independently on a daily basis than there are Caravan people. Most of the Caravan people are young men in their 20’s. How long can ICE retain them? Judge Dana Sabraw of the 9th Circuit ruled that ICE can not hold a child for over 20 days. Appears to me his ruling does not apply to young adults.

    The first 10 days of November Nicaragua detained 208 people from S. America and Asia. These do not have passports or documents of any kind. I don’t think Nicaragua has the money to fly them home. I would think they would just shove them off on Honduras.

  2. On Panama’s border with Colombia there is a village which has a unit of Panama’s military. The unit is there to keep the Colombian FARC out. The village has a curfew at night. When the military has a pick up soccer game they have their weapons with them. The villagers have to have a military escort for protection plus there are land mines.

    I know there would be a huge outcry but maybe land mines could be laid near the fence with a warning fence and a notice in Spanish placed on the Mexican side to warn those who want to go over the wall what they are facing.

    I think ICE would tell you the illegals would find another place to cross. The real problem is the source producing these people who are fleeing their situation. The easy way for them is to go the the USA instead of staying and fixing their problems.

    • “Signs in Spanish” — I hear the outcry — non-Spanish speakers are also crossing the border — what about them? need for signs in their languages, NO MATTER HOW MANY! And are the signs close enough together? etc., forever.

      I don’t think Progs really care about migrants. Progs are addicted to their feelings of moral superiority and self-righteous anger. They cannot look beyond anything that triggers these delicious (for them) emotions.

  3. What odd behavior for a desperate, so they say, people. They seem to be waiting for something or someone.
    Two hundred or so people waiting, some talking on a cell phone, most with backpacks carrying the only things they need(?), and now they’re at the border of Plenty, Safety, and whatever they Hope, but they wait.

    My guess is that these invaders are awaiting the US Border Patrol to take them to somewhere safe, give them food and shelter. There’s nothing much on the other side of that fence but more ocean and sand until an American shows up with something for them.

    • The humanimals are ‘knock-knock-knocking on Heaven’s door’, waiting for their orders & provisions from communist Cuba, China, N Korea, & the U.S. DemoCong. And we ‘lawful U.S. citizens’ wait to find out where we stand- if we stand at all. The landscape looks free of any ‘border’ protection.

  4. srdem65, excellent observation. When we had German POWs in detention camps. When they were returned to Germany they expressed they had a good experience. They were served large portions of food. It was more than they could eat but ate all of it. They were concerned if they did not eat it all the portions would be cut back.

    Trump is doing something about the anchor babies. We have a handyman. He married a local girl. She was born in Chicago. She had a passport when she was a child. My handyman & her have a 6 year old boy born in Panama. They wanted him to have a passport. First she renewed hers. Then they went to the Embassy to have an interview. They were approved. They will receive the boy’s passport in about 3 weeks. My handyman said he paid quite a bit to get this done. Plus there was so much paperwork. The handyman had a big smile and said he was happy they got this down under the wire. There are new rules about this. Trump passed a law (actually he signed an Executive Order…presidents do not make laws.) that this procedure is now null & void. Neither the mother or boy speak English. I do not think they want to go to the US. They just want to give the boy an option. The handyman has been here 20 years. His roots are here.

    The US Ambassador to Panama retired when Rex was Sec. of State. He said he just could not work for Trump.

    • Your handyman, his consort, and the baby who is now empowered to wield his U.S. Citizenship like a trump card should he ever find it in his self-interest all sound like people we don’t need here.

      No matter how long your handyman has squatted illegally in our nation, his roots are where he is legal. “I been breaking your laws for a long time” is not a defense against deportation. It doesn’t work for burglars, white collar criminals (except Hillary), drug dealers, etc., and it shouldn’t be an acceptable argument for illegal aliens.

      • Anonna, I live in Panama. Our handyman has never been to the USA. I think he and his wifejust want the boy to have an option to go to the US in case another Noreiga comes on the scene.