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Video || DNC CEO on How We’ll Fund Medicare for All: “I Don’t Know”

Democratic National Committee CEO Seema Nanda indicated Tuesday that she had no idea how Democrats would pay for the brilliant plan Democrats ran on to essentially put everyone on Medicare, saying we need to have a “big conversation” about it.

Well, that’s certainly true, it will require a big conversation, though I’m not sure you can talk away trillions of taxpayer dollars.

Nanda spoke during an event in Washington. Now, I’d note that this video was produced by the RNC, and therefore qualifies as propaganda. Still, she said it.

10 Responses to Video || DNC CEO on How We’ll Fund Medicare for All: “I Don’t Know”

  1. Obama care was meant to be the stepping stone to single payer health care. I guess they have settled on Medicare for all as that system. What a disaster this will be.

  2. Ehhh, once again, the same canned answer- “we need to have a conversation” about it, or- “I’ve no idea what the solution is, and somebody else has to figure it out”.

  3. My neighbor here has Medicare. Once a year he returns to the US to visit family and have medical check ups. Last year he knew what lab tests he needed so he did the tests here because it would be cheaper than in the US. He visited the doctor. The doctor did not even look at the lab results. He ordered his own. My neighbor looked at the Medicare statement when it arrived. It showed the 20 minute visit and lab work was billed at $2,300. The doctor did not want to get sued plus he had no incentive to save money.

    I have posted this single payer video before.

  4. Everyone on Medicare: aren’t we all there already?
    Working people pay a portion of their income into Medicare, most of us seniors are still paying into Medicare and will until we die, and the rest of the country is getting “free” Medicaid.
    All that needs to happen is for working people to double/triple or multiply by 10 what they’re paying for Medicare now and problem solved. The poor and the system gamers don’t pay anything now, so that’s a wash.
    Gee , ask me anything. I know everything.

  5. Quote of the day:

    “Look, we are the party of ideas. It’s up to others to figure out how to implement and pay for it!”. – Democratic National Committee CEO Seema Nanda

    Note from our lawyers: while Seema never really said this, this is exactly what she is thinking.

    • LOL! I always laugh when they throw out these grandiosely ridiculous ideas. With no thoughts of funding. But hey, it sure sounds good, don’t it? I’ll vote for that!

      Another leftist tactic- deflect. Blame it on the republicans. Blame the tax cut.

      Anyway your quote of the day made me laugh. Thanks!

  6. “Have a conversation about” often means some Dem interest group or Dem-membered academic group gets a nice big gift of tax payer money to hold “town halls” or “round tables” and then we end up with the same Dem talking points, only now there’s been a big conversation and no one on the opposing side ever had a chance to speak.

  7. Just RE read the Constitution. Really loved the part that said health care is a right. If anyone missed that prayer, you’ve got to read between the lines

  8. “I’m not sure you can talk away trillions of taxpayer dollars.”

    Doing so will be a helluvalot easier than talking the Gimmiecrats out of taking another shot at single-payer.