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New York Times: “Irregularities” in Florida Voting

Finally, someone in the MSM writes about the sheer incompetence and possible corruption that has characterized the election oversight in major Democratic strongholds of Florida.

If it were white Republicans messing around with the vote, the charges of race-based election fixing would be screaming from the tops of the front pages of every MSM news organization.

Anyway, the New York Times decided to put a toe in the water:

But some number of irregularities do appear to have occurred.

On Sunday, one candidate filed an affidavit in court from a fired poll worker who claimed to have witnessed elections employees filling out ballots days before the 2016 election. It was unclear whether what the worker witnessed was wrongdoing, or a routine process in which staffers fill out fresh blank ballots to replace those that come in too bent, torn or otherwise defective to be read by machine. The affidavit was intended to prove that similar problems could be at work in the current election.

In Broward County, 22 rejected ballots were mixed in with about 180 valid ones and were counted. In Palm Beach County, damaged ballots that were duplicated by hand, as required under state law, were handled without independent observers having a good vantage point to witness the process. Staff members had made rulings themselves on questionable ballots that were supposed to be judged by a three-person panel.

In Miami-Dade County, 266 mailed ballots passing through a sorting facility where bombs targeting Democratic politicians had been found were apparently delayed — they arrived on Saturday, after the deadline, and were not counted.

A number of absentee ballots that arrived on time were not all counted by election night — which is legal. But a candidate who saw his lead for agriculture commissioner diminish overnight filed a motion in court asking a judge to order the county elections supervisor not to count mail-in ballots that arrived late. There was no indication that the supervisor had been doing so.

Yes, some “irregularities” appear to have occurred. These are the ones we know about Maybe the Democratic House will investigate . . .

Republicans must be on guard that Democrats don’t continue their long tradition of election stealing. As in JFK and LBJ – honored members of the Democratic election-stealing hall of fame.

10 Responses to New York Times: “Irregularities” in Florida Voting

  1. Florida, Arizona, and now Georgia. It’s the same old story of Dems refusing to admit they lost, the same old story that keeps PresTrump from doing his best for us.
    The Dems ruin everything and we don’t want that.

  2. “Irregularities” is a nice empty word, as if it can all be made good by making regular some irregular things.

    Reminds me of the gloss that a criminal “made bad choices.” Usually, getting them to “make good choices” is a long hard road and very often ends in failure.

    “Irregularities” — do they mean systematic cheating and undermining the integrity of the voting process in order to ensure that one side wins?

  3. Ever notice how all these post-election ‘irregularities’ – Washington state, Minnesota, South Dakota, Georgia, Florida, et al – always go in one direction?

    I mean, you’d think the law of averages would tilt a couple of these in the direction of the Republicans once in awhile.

    But they don’t.

    Wonder why that is.

    • You bring up a very valid point, and THAT is why we know it’s election fraud. Too bad the media never asked Hillary if she would honor the results of the election, if she lost. The media never thought she wouldn’t win, and now we have multiple Democrats doing the same thing. This has got to stop. Between the multitudes heading for our southern border, and election theft, we are on the knife’s edge of remaining a country.

  4. The Florida Democrat officials are just following the guidance of one of their heroes, Joseph Stalin, who once said: “You know, comrades, I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote (referring to the Communist Party Central Committee), or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.” –Boris Bazhanov’s Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary, published in 1992.

    Who is counting the votes and how. That’s the place to look, as we all know.