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Video || Trump: “I’ll Never Forgive” Obama for What He Did to the U.S. Military

President Trump Friday spoke to reporters – yet again – as he departed for a trip to Paris, France, saying he would “never forgive” Barack Obama for depleting the U.S. military.

Trump spoke on the South Lawn before departing for a trip to Paris, France. He was responding to a question about Michelle Obama’s new book, “Becoming,” in which she says she will never forgive him for promoting the “birther” theory that her husband was born in Kenya.

Trump said of Barack Obama:

I’ll never forgive him for what he did to our United States military by not funding it properly. It was depleted, everything was old and tired. And I came in, and I had to fix it, and I’m in the process of spending tremendous amounts of money . . . What he did to our military made this country very unsafe.

No one criticizes Obama for this obvious fact. And yet, if uses the word “nationalist,” oh by, the republic is finished.

12 Responses to Video || Trump: “I’ll Never Forgive” Obama for What He Did to the U.S. Military

  1. It is like a trucking company I knew about. The guy in charge did not maintain the fleet. He left. The new guy in charge had to spend much money to get the fleet back up to snuff. For example, new tires. He was labeled a spend thrift.

  2. If the Press had any self-interests, they would never allow anyone to interfere with Donald Trump’s Presidency.
    His impromptu Pressers are the best!, the most enlightening!, and make real news.
    No matter what they claim, MrTrump knows where the danger-lines are and never addressed what MrsObama wrote in her self-serving book.

    ot: “..that is a stupid question”. What other President could/would say that to a reporter on Live TV? Gotta love the guy!

  3. Semi-related:

    At the same presser, I think he may have mentioned that he’s sending some legal beagles down to Broward County to take on the vote fixers attorneys from Perkins Coie.

    And isn’t it convenient, that enough votes to put Sinema ahead, just so happened to not be manufactured tabulated in Arizona, until three freaking days after the election?!

    When has this sort of skullduggery EVER helped Republicans?!

  4. I will never forgive 0 for laying around in his mancave, while Valjar, in an unappointed position, made the decisions. Those two planned private parties with Hellywood and took lots of “friends” and family on expensive trips year after year with taxpayers money. Also, I believe from research he was born in Indonesia, the biggest Muslim country in the world;)

  5. It doesn’t matter…what the previous occupants of the WH have to say just doesn’t matter.
    Look at the effect they had on the campaign trail recently. None. Zero. They not only could not draw large crowds, but they had no positive effect on the vote.
    Most people know what the country got from the Obamas…people are smarter than we think.